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November 29, 2006

You can't always trust what you see!


  The age old saying "I saw it with my own two eyes" doesn't quite hold the same weight it once did.Today it is far too easy to manipulate reality.  Whether we recognize it or not, many of us are growing weary of the marketing messages around us.  We seem to think everything and everyone is full of  . . . well you know.  It is sad to think how cynical we have become.  This video isn't going to help either. 

Knowing this, trust seems to me to be the key to success.  It's simple, say it straight.  Don't exaggerate.  Be open, show your cards, everyone and everything has a wart (see Seth Godin Blog "Warts and All" ), being too perfect will scare people away.  Getting people to talk about you is unequivocally tied to trust.

No trust, no talk, no talk no exposure!   


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