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November 26, 2006

BCS Scam!

Update: USC loses, Michigan still gets shafted cause no one wants to see a rematch, and Florida is the big winner, we're still cheering for Boise State!

OK, am I the only one whose blood boils every year at this time, when the BCS, (Bowl Championship Series) colleges attempt to create a Superbowl, picks the two teams to play for the National Championship?  Maybe it's just me, but I believe that any system that arbitrarily prohibits half of all college football teams from ever even getting a chance to play for, never mind win the National Championship  is whacked! The magical BCS just made the University of Southern California the number 2 team in the country today.  If they go on to beat UCLA next week, they will play the BCS number 1team undefeated Ohio State.   So, what is the problem?  USC is one of six teams with only one loss.  What makes them better?  One of those teams with one loss, Michigan, lost to Ohio State by just 3 points.  (USC's only loss came to unranked Oregon State).  Now, does that sound fair to you?  What about the other four teams with one loss, shouldn't they get a shot?  What is even more ridiculous, there IS one other undefeated team, Boise State, ranked 8th.  So why isn't the only two undefeated teams, Boise State and Ohio State playing each other?  Because the experts, and the computers say Boise State isn't good enough. How much better can you get than undefeated?  The whole thing just drives me crazy.   

I love  the Buster Douglas K.O. of Mike Tyson, 69 Mets over Baltimore Orioles, Villanovoa Basketball beating Patrick Ewing and Georgetown,  and of course The 1980 U.S. Hockey Team defeat of Russia.   If the BCS had their dirty hands in anyone of these events, they would never have happened.  The experts would have crowned the losers as the winners and argued how the winners didn't have a chance.  So much for the experts. 

The BCS and the NCAA need to get with the program, no pun meant, and create a playoff system that allows all 125 Division 1 football programs a chance to win the National Championship.  As a great sports caster once said  . . . "that's why they play the games!" Chris Berman ESPN

We're cheering for you Boise State!  You're a cre8Buzz kinda team!


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