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November 21, 2006

Who's answering the phone?

We have all heard the debate about overseas call centers. The arguments have been harsh and wide but seem to all to often focus on the racial component.  "They don't speak proper english, I can't understand them, we're shipping jobs overseas" etc, etc. 

The other day while on a customer service call with . . . yes I will tell you who, Godaddy.com trying to transfer a URL it struck me.  It is not about where they are, or who they are, it's about what they do.  My agent, customer rep, service rep, customer care personel, it doesn't matter what their title is (we call my guy Bob) anticipated my needs.   Bob quickly understood the motivation to my call.  Yes, I was motivated to call.  I had needs, I wanted my URL transfered.  But, what Bob quickly recognized is the fact it wasn't done and it was causing me problems. How did he respond?  By making me feel like my problem was his problem.  He educated my on the process, shared with me what he (Godaddy) could control, and made attempts to expidite the process.  His words were "let me see if I can force the transfer".   

Force the process, now that is my kinda guy.  Let's get it done and move on to the next thing.

Ok, so I'm still waiting for the transfer.  There was nothing more he could do.  We are still waiting for the other registrar to do their part.  Yup, you bet I called them, needless to say I am not going to tell you their name.  But, I am still waiting for my URL. 

It doesn't matter where the "Bob's" sit, what their first language is or what their cultural identity is.  What matter's is that they can solve problems, anticipate customer needs and most importantly motivations.   Yes, I was motivated to call unfortunately, only one of the registrars was motivated to help.


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