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November 28, 2006


What is WOM?  It is word of mouth.  Every time you talk about a product, a book, an experience or a person; it's word of mouth. Every time you, a friend or family member opens their mouth. . . voila it's word of mouth!!!

Although it is not new, WOMM (word of mouth marketing) has attained a new level of prominence.  Why, cre8Buzz.com that's why.  OK, that is what we like to believe.  The truth is the Internet has changed everything. Blogs, emails, and social networking sites now give everyone a voice and an audience. The ability to manage, influence, listen and respond to the people that you come in contact with is critical.  Chris Anderson, author of "The Long Tail" says the Internet has now given the ability of obscure things to be seen and get attention.  It is an exciting time, a time that will allow those who want exposure, a level of exposure that has never been more attainable. 

WOM is the future.  If you want exposure, WOM better be your weapon of choice.  To get more information on WOM and how to use it for you or your business check out these sites.   We're building the engine, you will need to learn to use it. 

Good sites on WOM and WOMM:






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