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December 29, 2006

Celebrating Diversity!

Hey all it is "shout out" time and I thought I would celebrate a little diversity, not cultural diversity . . . ha ha ha.  I bet some of you were ready for a controversial posting.   Not today my friend.  But, I am gonna give a few "shout outs" to some unique blogs and blogging DIVERSITY.  Blogging is blowin up, with blogs of all types, but it is not surprising that the geeks and business pundits make up a huge portion of the blogs.  So for this reason; I am giving some love and props to a few of the unique and different folks I have come across. 

1) Celebrity Gossip:

If you or your spouse buy People, US Magazine, Intouch or any other tabloid/celebrity/gossip mag then Celeb Gossips is for you.  Kaileena Suza's site will keep you up to date on what's happening in Hollywood, who is dating who, who lost 10 lbs, who gained 10 lbs and who is hot and who is not.  If your spouse is like mine, you could save 20 bucks a week on People and US Mag. justing having them visit Celeb Gossip.

2) Holidays

If everyday is a Holiday for you then Casey and Celebrating Holidays Everyday is a must feed.  Casey has a great, comforting writing style.  Her passion for holidays is clear and she is quite a little techie as well.  You can expect recipes, stories, decorating ideas and more when you give her a visit.   I can't wait to see her post on flag day!  Yup, there really is holiday called Flay day.

3) Weddings

This "shout out' goes to Anna for her Wedding blog.  I love this idea.  Weddings touch all emotions, people get gushy, pissed, sad, happy, angry.  Shoot, I have seen a video where a fight broke out.  You gotta love a topic like that.  Anna's blog has good ideas, video's and thoughts on weddings.  A great, honest, authentic, resource for anyone planning a wedding or has a passion for weddings. 

4) ?????????

I don't even know how to categorize this next one, but the idea has sucked me in.  100k Journey is on a financial quest to grow his net worth to 100k.  Here is the kicker.  He is currently 23k in the hole.  OUCH!!!  Neil chronicles  every aspect, every  component of his financial day, spending, savings, ups, downs ETC.  Neil is opening his financial Kimono during his quest to a 100k.  I can't tell if this is going to be a true heart warming story or a train wreck, but either way I'm watching. 

Here is to Diversity, enjoy all!!!


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I am touched!! Thank you so much. It feels great to hear that someone really likes reading my stuff and my writtings give him a reason to think and feel good. I write about something which is so sensitive and close to my heart so my happiness doubles up when I see people like you appreciating it. Thanks a lot once again.

Casey Galatos

Hey Antman- I've already thanked u at your MyBlogLog community and would like to do the same here as well. Am absolutely thrilled. Recieving such appreciation for someone who's still quite new in the Blogosphere is just too cool.Thanks again.
Happy New Year to u and all your lovely readers-Love,Casey

Steve Lowtwait

This is the first time I've ever commented on a blog, inspired by a previous posting down the page. I just wanted to add to your list of unusual and creative blogs.


My artist buddy Adam, whom I only met online, is on his way to becoming a millionaire by selling one million hand-drawn doodles at a dollar each. Check out his blog and send him a buck!

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