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December 22, 2006

Don't be stingy . . . give em feedback!

How often do you give feedback?   When you visit a blog do you leave comments?   Do you give feedback on the sites you visit?   You need to, so do it!  Feedback allows for dialog, it creates conversation.   People want to know what others think.   See Digg conversations, they can be crass at times, and yes some of the diggers can be a bit over the top, but they are some of the best conversations on the net.  The comments bring the story to life.  They take something good and make it great!  Comments bring out the true essence of a post, story, page or site.   So don't hold back, express yourself, and tell em what you think!  They'll love you for it!   

Let's see how well you do, our comment lines are open and ready!


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Hi, u got a neat and simple site to share to others, and was touched with this entry, so this is it, besides, i strongly agree on your idea. Nice! :)


Even with an invitation like that most people don't leave a comment!

Your absolutely right - you have to get exposure and leave a trail wherever you go. Get remembered.

"Do It Now"


I agree with you completely. Without comments the internet would be just a magazine.

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