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December 28, 2006

Don't try so hard!

I have some good news.  You can stop stressing about being a good blogger.  Check out Anne 2.0, it couldn't be said any better.  Blogging is a creative pursuit.  A personal journey.  Whether or not you are making money is immaterial.  The point is that we can stumble if we try too hard.  By focusing on external resources for validation we stunt our creativity.  This my friends is not a good thing.    Being and expert, having all the data, being first to announce news are all good things, but it is creativity that brings your blog to life.  This creativity makes you stand out, establishes uniqueness and most important authenticity.  Authenticity is the guts of good blogs.  It is the intangible of your "Topic."  (remember the 5T's)  I gotta agree with Anne it's about connections and creativity.   I don't know about you, but I feel like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders.  Whew! Aahhhh! 

Thanks Anne :)  Also a big thanks to Tim Peter for introducing me to Anne 2.0


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I am in so much agreement with this Post. I experienced something similar myself.."Censorship by Friend" I caved and took the post off my Blog..and now kicking myself in the butt! For me, Blogging is for fun not for perfection.

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