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December 27, 2006

Leave a trail of "netcrumbs!"

If ya want people to find you, you gotta leave a trail.  I like to call them "netcrumbs."  Like good ol" Hanzel and Gretel.  Leaving a trail will lead more people to you.  Imagine if you were cre8ive enough to leave some crumb every where you went on the web.  Wow! how much traffic would you see?  Now, this isn't an invitation to go out and do something intrusive and muck up someones site, blog ETC. So don't get cute,  but think about it.  The more places you can leave a calling card, the more hits your site will see. 

How can this be done?  Hmmmm let me think, Oh yeah, how about comments?  Ya gotta give a little to get a little.  I can't tell you enough what a great way it is to leave a crumb, than a simple comment.  I talked about this earlier, so if altruistic and just being nice aren't good enough, then maybe a selfish reason might spur you on.  Either way, leaving a comment says, "Hi, I have been here and this is where you can find me if you would like."  I have gotten a number of my visitors this way!   You want another? OK.  Respond to comments, every comment you get.  Do it on their blog, or site and yours.  Thank folks for visiting, but be authentic.   If not you will be seen as fake and that is even worse!    Want another?  be a talker!  Bring people together. If you know of two blogs that share topics, leave a note on each telling them about the other.   Reach out man!  Ya gotta give to get.  If you  use a social networking site like  Mybloglog.com  visit as many  profiles  as they leave a netcrumb for you.  There are infinite ways to leave a trail.  More than my little brain could ever devise.  So as you go about your business, ask yourself; how can I let them know I was here? 

If anyone has any cool ideas let me know.   I will tell others AND let them know it was you with a link back.  Let me see some cre8ivity!   I know y'all have it!!


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Kevin Henney

Comments are indeed a great way of leaving crumbs, but all comments are not created equal. If you can actually add to the discussion or provide an alternative point of view, people are much more likely to click through to your site.

Comments along the lines of "I agree" and "Thanks for the great post" are mostly just noise, and may even get deleted if the site owner thinks you're just trying to get your link out there.

Although leaving comments can be a good way to spread your link around, even an insightful comment on a well-trafficked blog won't bring in too much traffic. Many readers subscribe the blogs RSS feed and rarely click through to see the comments. It's much more valuable to get other bloggers to actually link to you in their posts, although it's also much more difficult.

One of the best ways to get your posts noticed by other bloggers is to link to their posts, adding your own thoughts, of course. This usually works best when you link to other blogs with similar audiences that are relatively close to you in terms of readership numbers. Linking to an A-list blogger may go unnoticed, while linking to a blog with only a handful of readers is more likely to be appreciated and reciprocated.

The Antman

Hallelujah Mr. Henney!

You are absolutely correct. Thanks for elaborating. When I said comment, I meant the literal interpretation. An, "I agree" is not a comment, it IS noise. Folks you must be authentic, like Mr. Henney's comment. Add to the conversation. Thanks my friend, your wisdom is welcome here anytime! Oh yeah, after seeing your comment, I did go to your blog! :) . . . and for more info on linking see his blog posting http://www.quartzmtn.com/weblog/link-exchange

The Antman!


Great post James! We have gotten a lot of traffic by making sure our e-mail signatures contain a text link to our blog.


Your net crumbs, which is a great concept, is exactly how I found your page. It's a great way to get more visitors and at the same time, network yourself to be found. Great advice!


AS Alwaysm Antman is right on track. And I have to agree with Mr. Henney, you can't just say good job. I have to admit, I posted on a few blogs saying, great job, or keep up the good work, but it wasn't until I actually contributed to the conversation that I got a meaningful response to my site.

Another great way is not necessarily leaving a link on someone site, but rather just telling the members of your site about someone else. Altruism truly is a powerful tool. If you give some credit where credit is due, it will surely come back around, karma.

Thanks for the tips Antman and all of the other readers out there. I would be interested in hearing more ideas if anyone has any.

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