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December 24, 2006

Not good, PERIOD!!!

Donald Rosie and Donald what the . . . !  I don't care what people say, any press is not good press.  Nobody, I mean nobody, should ever want to be associated with this type of behavior.  Insecurity is powerful.  How is it that two people who have achieved so much,  think so poorly of  themselves?   I couldn't tell you, but from my seat these two are lost souls.  What happened in their life that words, just words, could get them to embarrass themselves like that?  Donald man, get a hold of yourself.  Remember Teddy Roosevelt "walk softly and carry a big stick".  And Rosie, use your mouth as the tool of humor that gave your notoriety, it is not so becoming as a weapon.  The winner here is not who gets the last word, but who shuts up first, and maybe, just maybe, has the COURAGE, to apologize and take ownership for their insecurity. 

Remember, I will butcher this but you'll get my point, "you'll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar".  There are too many blogs with negative feedback: comments, postings, and ramblings, ETC. where folks are just down right nasty.   Take the high road, have some humility, and look for the constructive component.   Believe in what you have to offer others not what you can take from others.  You are what your write and say.   Gentleman; don't be a DONALD . . . ladies don't be a ROSIE!  And to everyone . .  be yourself and be secure!  You have the talent!


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Stuff like this makes it embarrassing to be an American.


Stumbled This

Dave Conrey

Ok, but can Ladies be Donalds still or rather can Gentlmen be Rosies or is that still not good?

Seriously, good point. I was over reading Mark Cuban's blog (left so quick I didn't make note of the address) and He's taken the high road with his "fued" with Donald, but still took sides between Donald and Rosie. This whole thing is so ridiculous, I can't believe it's even newsworthy.

Chris Hooley

I recently was engaged in a bit of a blogger flame fest, so I can relate to this.

I tried so hard to keep my mouth shut as I saw things happen that I truly believed were just wrong. When I finally said something, it created a buzz. Half of it was bad bad bad. The other half was good good good, but still.

I felt so badly about airing out the issue that I blogged a public apology, which got 0 comments or responses. In fact, the person I had the little tiff with deleted all my links that said person had access to, deleted all my blog posts and comments from their blog, and was seemingly spiteful about it.

I don't know if I came out looking like the bigger person, but I can say that at least a few times a week somebody IMs me or emails me apologizing to me for even talking to the other person in the dispute. I tell them to stop, this drama was just a lame misfire. I do not want to be the guy known as the blogger crybaby SEO who polarizes people or puts others down. I still don't think my rep has had a full recovery from even mentioning that there was a problem.

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