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December 15, 2006

Some people are better than others!

Yes, I said it. Not everyone is equal. Inspite of contrary beliefs, and the good ole constitution, of which I am a fan, when it comes to free enterprise there is no equality. Managing your customers, blog readers, "talkers" or supporters equally, equals DEATH.  Listen, if we assume that 80% of our business, exposure, word of mouth, ETC. comes from only 20% of the people that buy from us, visit our blog, talk about us then why in the world would we treat everyone equal?  They are not.  The 20% is far more valuable to you than the other 80%.  So treat them with reverence!  Make em feel special.

There are two other reasons why not treating people equal is good: 

  1. People like to feel special, they like to feel as if they are part of an exclusive club or group that just not anyone can be a part of. 
  2. People like to feel appreciated, they want to know you appreciate their support and they are not being taken for granted. 

Knowing this, how do you treat them unequally, how do you make them feel special?  I don't know; that is your job. Every business, blog, product, etc is different.  You need to look for ways, be creative.  If you are a band, make sure your biggest fans/followers NEVER have to pay full cover price.  If you have a blog, do a regular (weekly or monthly) story on one of your readers; get them some exposure too.  Hey  Apple, you might want to listen to this one.  If you are a computer store, consider giving preferential treatment to your best customers, automatically move them ahead in the technical support que, reserve a couple of spaces in your training workshop just for them.  Cre8 a customer service role designed to immediately help your special customers so they don't have to stand around with the other cattle.  Ok, I'll stop, but you get my point.  It's about rewards, reward them and they will reward you.  Remember, if they are talking about you, if they are spending more with you than others, if they love you . . . LOVE EM BACK!!!


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ellen keenan

Nice blog! Love the note to Apple.

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