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December 26, 2006

Two Views to View!!!!

Hey all, today is the day, my favorite day, Antman shoutout!   Today, so we can't be considered biased, or partisan, we are gonna give ya two "shout outs"  that's right two.  Call it a belated holiday gift.  Yes, I said holiday.  (remember we are about everyone at cre8buzz, I don't care what this country was FOUNDED on, it is extremely diverse today, and I am going to respect that.)  OK, drum roll please.  This week's shout out goes to . . . hey did I tell you?  We are going to do this twice a week now, because, I have too much fun with it and there are too many good blogs that deserve Buzz!  Alright, enough delay. 

My "shout out" goes to two political blogs, one liberal, one conservative.  It you are looking for contrasting opinions on the fate of our country, then either one of these blogs will fill your cup so have at em. 

Antman Political "Shout out!"

Liberal - A big fat slob, a witty writing style, there is nothing sloppy about my fat friend.  He goes after it, and doesn't mince words, but don't fret humor is weaved throughout.  But if nothing else, you gotta love his picture. 

Conservative - Jon Swift Mr Swift is clean, formal, and direct.  Mr. Swift's has an air of, oh let's say the opposite of the fat slob.   Mr. Swift is  Felix  Ungar to the slob as the slob is Oscar  Madison to Mr. Swift. 

Enjoy and remember we will be "Shoutin Out"  every Monday and Wednesday from here on in.  See around. 


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I appreciate you spreading the word on these two sites. I think it is great that you gave a shout out to both parties, as it allows you to get a full perspective on the issues. I enjoyed both of their sites and have bookmarked them for later reading. Keep up the good work!

A Big Fat Slob

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Nice xmas present.


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