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January 24, 2007

Be a Maverick!

zzzzzz . . . snoring . . . zzzzzzzzz . . . snoring . . . zzzzzzz . . . uh ahhhhh, I'm sorry. I get like this  a lot these days.  Every thing seems so BORING!  Yup, boring.  I have been wondering where has all the creativity gone.  T.V. Shows, boring, radio, boring, blogs (some are great) but many are boring, social networking sites, engaging but boring!  What is my point?  It seems the mavericks are gone or are being coached into boring vanilla yes men by scared $#@less V.C.'s who are too afraid to put it out there.   

I wanna see some creativity.  I wanna see some mavericks to push the envelope.  Look I ain't saying there aren't cool new ideas or that we aren't seeing some great stuff rise up.  New will always be new.  But, I think we need some folks to shake things up.  Some folks who are looking at things from a twisted angle.  Homies  (meant to be gender agnostic) who aren't afraid to ask funky questions and tackle problems from a different bent.  I want mavericks, those cats who thumb their nose at convention and blaze their own trail with originality.  Folks who set the stage for everyone else.  The world is full of me too's.  Now, their ain't nothing wrong with that, because money is being made.  But, we need more leaders.  If ya think about it.   It is the maverick, the creative that drives our culture.  Ray Kroch and McDonalds set the tone for all of fast food.  Look at your jiggling belly and now you can if you wish curse Ray.   With out Henry ford, we are all walkin to work,  now look at your jiggling belly again and curse Henry.  Yup GM is also a copy cat.  Google is a copy cat.  A good one, but we all know they weren't firs to search.  I think my point has been made.

As you look at your business, your role at work, your blog, or any other part of your life, ask yourself at what angle are you viewing it?  Turn it upside down man, now spin it around.  Look at it differently.  How many views can get?  How do things look different? 

Once you are looking at it different, what are you gonna do?   Come on now, think.  Dig deep.  Do something different.  Be creative, don't confine yourself.  What ever ya do, DON'T be afraid.  Don't box yourself in.  Take chances, push the envelope, be a maverick! 


I'm no math major, but it seemed kinda cool to make an equation. 


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Melissa R. Garrett

GAWD, but it's SO hard to be creative! And when you see your own blog each and every day, it's difficult to view it from any other angle besides right side up. Lucky me, I am not into blogging to make money. The financial fate of my family doesn't rest on my shoulders (thank goodness!). And yet, I want to be popular. There. I said it. I feel like I am in highschool again, but I want people to like me too. I guess people can either take my blog or leave it. I am me, and I don't pretend to be anyone other than an incredibly flawed at-home mom of three. Slowly but surely I am gaining readership, but I often wonder what I could do differently.

You get me thinking Antman. And I've got too much to think about already - darn you!

Steve Lowtwait

One of the things that I enjoy about this here blog is that it is written by an ant and not the person behind the ant. I know I'm breaking the boundaries of the suspension-of-disbelief here, but it's a great concept. You've created a character with which you can speak through, an engaging and lovable ant. Is it original? Who knows. I am sure other blogs have done similar - creating alter egos.

I decided to swipe your concept! Yes, I am guilty. My blog is written by an ant too. Just kidding. Actually though, I decided to push the idea further by creating a whole host of characters that write my blog. And the entire blog itself takes place within the fantasy situation of crossing the west by wagon train. However, my core content is remains a more serious critique of the world of art and design. It's an experiment that is going to need a little time and effort to take shape but it makes it quite fun for myself and hopefully the reader as well.

Am I a maverick for this? Beats me and I don't care. But as my initial blog seemed "boring" to even myself, I kept wondering how I could push the envelope on saying what I want to say.

The Antman

Mellissa, GOOD, Thinking is good. Your into crafts, the whole concept of crafting is creativity. Creativity is a state of mind. It's not what you do, it is how you choose to look at it. It is how you choose to react? BTW: You are cool, people do like you. I totally dig you. It is all how you look at things. Yo MG, you have 3 kids, you have a husband, but you aren't those things, they don't define you, you do. You get to choose who you are. I think you 're cool, and you know that counts big time. Yea!

The Antman


You bet you ass, you are a maverick for this. I love the idea. But more importantly, I love how you got their. The process you went through in your head was exactly what I was talking about. You keep doin that, and you are gonna blow-up. Nice job.

Casey Galatos

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