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January 17, 2007

Blogging to Fame

The title fits her to a tee.   She is headed to fame, at least in the blogasphere.  Who?  My bad, that is Divya Uttam cre8er of Blogging to Fame.  What makes her blog so tight?  Her, Divya herself.  She has humility.  She is laid back and chillin.  Divya will tell you it's her first blog and it is not yet mature.  She will tell you it is in its adolescences stage.  This is where her humility shines through.  If it is in its adolescences then its the hottest chick in the 10th grade.  Divya is putting out some good stuff.  She is rapidly becoming one of the most popular communities on Mybloglog with over a 170 members.  Blogging to Fame, according to Divya came to her because she wanted to help people make their blogs "consumable, accessible and valuable to their readers".  She says her goal is to motivate her readers away from the mindset of just SEO (search enginge optimization) and to become world class bloggers as well. 

Her posts are good. From Link Fetcher to Link Magnet; 7 Truths to Increase your Blogs Social Likability; and Mybloglog and Quest for Building Community You will always walk a way with a nugget of info.  If you are a beginning blogger, they are a must. 

I keep finding myself asking the question over and over, why?   Why do I like Blogging to Fame so much?  With all of the SEO blogs out there, why hers?   The answer, Divya.  She is calm, cool and collected.  Her humility shines through and you can tell she genuinely wants to help you, not show you how cool she is or what she knows, but just help you. 

Divya your kickin, and I agree with the name of your blog.  You are definately Blogging to Fame.  It's not if but when, keep it up girl.  You have been "SHOUTED!!!!"


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All roads lead to Rome? or All links lead to a blog? I love it when I keep finding the good stuff either via MyBlogLog or buzz or word of mouth or... well you know. That's the point of creating buzz isn't it? Or is it because of fame? ^_^

Windows Hosting

Well there is no Doubt in my mind regarding Div's and her blog and may in next six to nine moths they both will be on the top of the online success.ATB for Blogging to fame.I will be obliged to help in any way if needed.

Kendall Schoenrock

You're exactly on target. I also met Divya through MyBlogLog. We reached out and I requested her help in building out my own blog. She worked with me and provided excellent feedback with great selflessness. Divya is a great gal. I'm a fan! ;) Keep up the great bloggin Antman.

Divya Uttam

I really enjoyed the shoutout Jim, and it gives lot of motivation to do better now. Just being 4 months into proper blogging, experiences here are overwhelming. I am not trying to be modest by saying this but I actually would admit that I never expected to see such a good review, and as they say good gifts are never expected. With such encouragement or boost in the arm, I would try to be as true and more focused to this blogging to fame.

One more thing Jim, Antman sounds good, but Divya Uttman, mmm its Divya Uttam. Thanks for the Shoutout.;)


Thanks Divy, my apologies on the spelling, my dyslexia seems to always get the best of me :) You are welcome. It is well deserved. Don't thank us, we thank you for providing us with good content to shout about. You go girl!


Isn't this praise too much? I think it isn't. Divya writes comprehensive articles, not just posts. Divya is meticulous, not only thorough. Divya is enlightening, not only useful and helpful. I can't say othewise, I do love her writing style and her contents (till now).

Blogging to Fame. Is she? I thought not. But then I changed idea... I guess I don't know her that well...


Divya is my hero, I am amazed by her insights at such a young age

Casey Galatos

Hey Antman-I must say I loved reading this particular 'Shout Out' not just because of our lil Blogosphere wondergirl Divya- but also because of your own precious flair of writing.Absolutely mind blowing both Bloogging to Fame & your own words.Keep up the good work-Regards, Casey

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