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January 22, 2007

Do you know who your readers/customers are?

Getting to know you, my reader,has been wonderful.  You are a great group of people.  You're supportive, fun, energetic, intelligent, very intelligent, it's a bit intimidating, ya kinda freak me out sometimes.  I took the little bus to school.  However despite what I have been able to grasp, I don't really know that much about you . . . this is my odyssey, to REALLY get to know you. 

When I sit down to post, I ask myself what do YOU want to read today?  What will make you laugh?  What will have you saying, quietly to yourself; "Oh, I'm glad I checked out the Antman today!"  Every time I sit down, I am wrangling with all the voices in my head; 

"They'll love this," one voice will say.

While the other voice will be belting; "No, man, you gotta write about that, that is what they want to hear about." 

Ooooh baby it can be a battle in there at times.  But, ya know, to me it is a good battle because it is important to write something that you will enjoy.  Now don't get confused, I write because I like it.  I write my way, because it is who I am.  I write about what I think is important, BUT I also write for you.

Now check this!  I'm gonna piss some people off here, but oh well bring it.  Everyone who writes a blog is writing for other people.  If not, then you wouldn't make it public.  If ya didn't want an audience, then you would write in a flowery diary, with a cheesy lock, and you would hide it in the top drawer of your dresser where no one could ever find it.  Let's keep it real baby.  Ya blog because ya want attention.  There aint nothing wrong with that.  It's all good.  Now, don't confuse the desire for attention and this post as a contradiction to an early Antman post  Don't try so hard.   Blogging IS a personal journey. I am feelin ya.  I'm not suggesting you need to compare yourself to other "better" bloggers or that you need to even be a good blogger.  What I am saying is, you need to know who you are blogging for.  Who your audience is.  Now that we have established that you are actually blogging for others; who is it and what do they want?

This question is the age old question of business.  Who is my customer.  Well, unfortunately we don't really try too hard to figure it out.  Many say they do, but I ain't buying it.  This is where you get to turn it up a notch.  Get those voices in YOUR head battling.  Start paying more attention to the comments.  What is getting people excited?  Why do they come to your site?  Why do they buy your product?  WHY DO THEY TELL THEIR FRIENDS?  What is the true, true, true, TRUE, value your readers, customers, get from you? 

I used to think ya'll love the Antman cause I am cute.  I've gotten some feedback that says that may not be quite accurate.  So, I am gonna keep watchin, readin and listenin.   I'm gonna get better at knowin who you are and why ya come around.  I like havin ya.  Ya'll are the bomb, that I know.  So I wanna keep ya comin back.  I get lonely easy.

                                                                                                                                . . . Where ya going?   

                                                                                                                                     . . . Don't go, you just got here


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I read because you are so cute. Please post a picture with your next post. Thanks....

Jean MacManus

Enjoyed your post. It is an interesting dance between the desire to express oneself creatively and communicate with others, isn't it. Just wanted to let you know that I am here - and coming back.


Hi Mr. Antman. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm new to the game, so any ideas on helping me improve my blog are welcomed with open arms. See you around.


Oh, and once I figure out how to do it, can I link you?


I've heard a fancy term for it: demographics.
Have you asked those who post what they are willing to share with you about themselves? What did they decide NOT to tell you?
What are they hoping you will bring to the blog? Have they found that on another blog, or are their expectations and hopes still unfulfilled?
What are their mental images of you (their fantasies)?
As humans we all share the desire for social intercourse, a viable connection with someone else, either some person we know and want to know better or, even someone to whom we can remain somewhat anonymous, at least for now, or forever. If you are interested in others, while on YOUR journey, invite them to share THEIR journey with you. People are fairly astute, more so than we might often think, and they will sense your genuine interest in them and their concerns, ideas, interests, and will respond in kind: in other words they will lead you, be with you and both of you will grow. It seems to me that growth in understanding self and others is really the major task of life, so I want to wish you the best while you are "creating a good day for yourself and others".
I'll check in again soon.

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