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January 07, 2007

Green is great!

I'm not talking about the Benjamin's baby, although they are pretty good.   I'm talking about Al Gore green, save the planet, tree hugging, no CFC's green.  I'm talking about our planet green. 

With 2007 just kicking off, I thought I would give my first "shout outs" to those blogs and bloggers who are saving our planet.  Us ants, we aren't endangered but I've got some friends that are hurting a little so I figured I better do my part. 

Let's give it up for the greenies, they are some courageous folks who are carrying the load for a lot of us who need to catch up. 

A "shout out" to ya!

  1. Jessi Jane at Small Failures
  2. Jeff at Sustainablog
  3. Dani cooking it up in the "Zen Kitchen"
  4. Meagan and Senaca rolling in their V.W. at "Volksvegan" Adventure
  5. Reptile Matt, is playing the green Atlas, carrying the world on his green shoulders!

Props out to all of ya'll for your commitment.   

  BTW:  How sustainable is blogging and computer use.  Those blog servers have to take up a whole lotta  juice.



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Thanks for the shout-out! Luckily my ISP offsets their power usage with sustainable wind power (SustainableWebsites.com), so I'm trying not to use up too much energy with my blogs. My laptop doesn't use too much juice either, but it will be using even less once I live in a sustainable house & produce my own energy from solar/wind. Someday I'll be totally carbon-neutral, but for now, just my VW is. :)

Jeff at sustainablog

Thanks for the nod, Antman...! The servers do take up a lot of juice, although Google is very involved in "greening" their complex...

Jessie Jane

Thanks for the shout out, Antman, it's appreciated. Megan's a step ahead of the game with her ISP—I'm looking into that myself.

The key to sustainability is mindfulness—being aware of what impact our actions have all the way through the supply chain, including our service providers.

I'm emailing mine today to find out just what actions, if any, they are taking towards reducing their own footprint. The more we ask the questions, the easier change becomes.



Hey! I enjoyed this post! Stay tuned to the site, will be putting up some good controversial stuff in the days to come!

Yeah yeah, although the servers are always on, it's not going to make a difference in terms of energy if there's 1,000 sites, or only 20 sites on it...server will still be on.

However, all the darn time I've spent putting up the blog, I will definatelly have to plant a good little forest this summer to compensate for the CO2 emmissions from my darn laptop and desktop!

Thanks again, and KIT.

Dani Nordin

Hey there Antman—Thanks for the shoutout! I mentioned it in my blog as well. Cheers!

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