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January 19, 2007

I don't remember that . . .

And neither do most people.  Most people do not remember your last post.  Most people do not remember the add you placed in Sunday's paper.  Most people do not remember much of what you say, write, and show.  They don't remember, because you don't make it memorable. You don't make it stick.  If they don't remember it, then you can bet your booty, they ain't telling anyone about it.  Your message ain't stickin.  It is just rolling off, like water off a ducks back.  Man, ouch!   Wasted time!  Wasted money! 

Ya wanna cre8 a little buzz, you got to make your message stick.   You gotta be sticky like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth, like two sided tape, like Jerry Rice's hands.  You got to be sticky! 

Knowing this; I got a "Shout Out" today for all of ya'll non stick folks, it is two brothers (literally, they really are brothers) Chip and Dan Heath, (see they are brothers, because you now they ain't "brotha's" with a name like Chip) Chip and Dan are the Authors of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.  Chip and Dan give fantastic 411 on what it takes to keep people talking about you.  Yeah, YOU!   Sticky

Why is being sticky important?  If your asking, I'm not feelin ya.  It's called top of mind baby.  If your message is sticky, it is top of mind, if it is top of mind, people are talking about it, if people are talking about it, more people are hearing about it, if more people are hearing about it, more people are checking you out and if more people are checking you out, well you know what that means!  Bam!  You got yourself a winner!  Being sticky is the high octane fuel of WOM.

My boys Chip and Heath break the sticky stuff into 6 categories:

  1. Simple
  2. Unexpected
  3. Concrete
  4. Credible
  5. Emotional
  6. Stories

It almost spells success, pretty cool uh? 

Now think about it for a minute.  What do you want people to remember?  What do you want to be sticky?  Is it simple?  Is it unexpected, does it catch them by surprise?  Seth Godin has a kickin, as only Seth can do, post on why surprise matters.  Ya gotta jolt em a little.  Is your message concrete?  Is it credible, are you being authentic?  We have talked about this before.  Is it emotional, are you gittin em to think with their hearts?   Are you telling stories, come on be a Mr. Rogers ( we love you Fred), tell stories.  If ya can't answer all of these questions, then ya ain't sticky, YET!  But ya will be. Chip and Dan got ya covered. 

Check em out, and stay tuned cause you know me; I will be coming back at ya with a break down of the "sticky stuff", all 6!   Now, if I can just get this peanut butter off of the roof of my mouth.


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Great post Antman. I will definitely be checking this book out. It is hard to find that content that really catches people and makes them want to come back over and over again. Like what you do, it is important to have that buzz about what you are doing. If people aint talking, people aint comin!

Divya Uttam

Add 7th point there: Antman writting style.
It is sticky. It's like having a complete $997 copywritting course.

The points Chip and Dan have raised are very significant for improving business visibilty, ignored by most of us.
Justwhen few days back when I-Phone was launched, every was trying to do some story.
I am not going read any, until they know how to stop me, otherwise I can get to better places with better information.

Hey Antman, you are really making things happen for all of us.
GR8 Job and much more deserved then a Thanks.

Steve Lowtwait

Since beginning my first blog less than two weeks ago, I've found it not being what I wanted it to be. Divya is right about your writing and it is inspiring. I haven't read this book yet (because I just discovered it here) but I did enjoy The Tipping Point which discusses "stickiness" to some degree. From those lessons and the whimsy of your blog, I've decided to revamp the "messenger" of my blog. The message is a work in progress but now I hope to tell it in a more sticky way.

Lay Peng

It is our brain that choose what must be in the memories and those not required will be deleted. Do we really want to remember everything or we chose to remember certain things we feel are important. It is through constant repetitions that we will remember longer and deeper.
Lay Peng

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