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January 26, 2007

What questions are you asking?

Have you ever asked yourself how often you ask a question?  Are you a teller?  Do you find yourself giving information more often then you are getting information?  Why do you suppose this is?  Do you suppose it is easier?  Do you think we don' know better?  Has it occurred to you that we are crazy bunch of tellers, and I ain't talking bank tellers?   Dogquestion Have you noticed how much we are being yapped at?  Can you recall the last time someone was generally interested in you and what you needed?  Can you remember the last time some asked you questions in an effort to better understand you?  Does it bum you out if it hasn't happened in a while? 

What about you?  How often do you ask questions?  When you have a pissed off a client or customer do you ask yourself, "I wonder how I would feel in this situation?"  When you are developing a kickin new product or service do you start with, "How will this affect my customer?"  Do you ask your best customers what they think of your idea?   Do you ask your employees, what they think?  Do you ask them where improvements can be had?  Do you ask your direct reports if they are getting exactly what they need from you?  Do you blog?  Why?  Before you start a post do you ask; "why am I writing about this today?  Why do I think my readers will like it?  Why did I chose this subject?"  What about your family?  What if your child is having trouble at school, do you ask yourself what is like to be a kid in today's world?  Do you ask "how is it different then when I was a kid? "  How often do you honestly in sincerely ask your spouse how he/she is doing?   

How often do you try to get information, BEFORE you open your trap and give information? Do you tell too often?  Do you ask the questions?  Do you get information or give information?

I think we all are real good tellers and could be a little better at asking, DON'T YOU? 

It IS in the questions!


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Nice article, James. Good to get the thinking juices going on a Friday! Your comments about "telling too much" made me think of an expression I have heard that says: We were given 2 ears and 1 mouth so that we would listen twice as much as we talk. I have GOT to work on that one :).


We could all benefit from more empathy and in that I feel like understanding others needs makes your contributions and telling all that more receltive.




Hilarious post! I think most of us forget to ask enough questions... opposite to Christmas, most people want to give more than they receive ;).

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