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January 30, 2007

Sticky like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth!

Hey all, I told you I would be back with more on making your messages sticky!   In a world where viral seems to be the next big thing, ok is a big thing.  Making your messages stick is a talent worth it's weight in gold.  You get good at being sticky, sticky like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth, success is gonna be bangin at your door.

In I don't remember that . . . I gave ya'll the 411 on the brothers 2; Chip and Dan Heath.  Authors of the book Made to Stick they give 6 key qualities of being sticky!  Do you remember what they were boys and girls? 

  1. simple
  2. unexpectedness
  3. concreteness
  4. credibility
  5. emotional
  6. stories

Today's post is gonna give a little love to number one, simple.  Remember the term "suck face", no wait, I mean K.I.S.S.  Keep it Simple Stupid.  It is key to making it stick.

The key to simple is ya gotta find the core, you need to strip your idea down to its most critical essence.  To get to the core, ya gotta get rid of all the filler, the weak, adds no value crap we tend to rely on to get our point across.  Ya gotta weed out the non important stuff.  Once you've accomplished that feat, it gets hard.  You have to weed out the important stuff, but not the MOST important stuff.  The key is knowing how much you can squeeze out of an idea, without loosing its essence.  It's not dumbing down, it is elegance and prioritization. 

Simple =Core +Compact 

Beyond getting to the core message it has to be compact.  Don't make it wordy, it has to be tight, short, quick, to the point.  Compact messages are sticky, but they also need your core to make give em value.  It is the combination of getting to your core and making it compact that will make your message sticky. 

Now stop and take a look at your messages, are they sticky?  Are they compact, do they represent your core?  Are they simple?  If not do it again.  It'll take a little time, but it's worth it.  For motivation, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without a glass of milk.  Sticky baby, sticky!


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I´m trying to keep this in mind, when I´m about to tell the world about my site. Oh, am I already doing it? Who knows?

Let´s get serious. Your post inspires me. Thank you.

May the big purple circle be with you.

Randy Smythe

Thanks for the tips. Good Stuff!

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