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January 25, 2007

It's so simple, it ain't easy

Are you over complicating things?  How simple is your message?  How simple is your site?  How simple are your products?  I think we are getting inundated by too much. 

Reduce, organize, simplify. 

How simple can you make it?  How complicated does it have to be?

You decide, but I think in today's world simpler is better. 



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Divya Uttam

Being Creative and Simple... let me think... or be simply creative or creatively simple... Dont get me wrong I am try to find a combination there.

It takes ad Idea to change your life, but if you have created an Idea it would be best to make it simple for other people... otherwise it won't be very rewarding or successful.

You are great at finding people and all the links you provide are an interesting read. The rules of simplicity I found there, were real cool.

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