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January 13, 2007

Ouch! That hurt.

Typepad, I love ya but you gotta get your act together.  This is the second time in 2 to 3 days your site has gone down.  This time it hurt.  I was at the end of a thorough post.  I saved once, then tried to save again and BAM.  Gone!  I get it, it is free, I don't pay for your service, so I shouldn't complain.  But, obviously you are getting some value with me (and everyone else) using you instead of Blogger, or Wordpress etc.  So get with the program.  Your site crash hurt.  It stole at least 3 hours out of my life.  Yeah, I know I need to get a life.  But, it's mine, I like it, and loosing 3 hours of it is not fun.  And 3 hours of an Ants life is an eternity. 

Free or not, people expect consistency, they expect that the services you provide will meet their expectations.  I have enjoyed Typepad, and have been happy with my decision until now.  You have successfully brought me, and I suspect others, to a critical juncture.   Good experience here on out and it will be a blip.  Another outage like the last two, another loss of a new posting, you'll have lost a good talker and maybe even a customer.  I like the first scenario better.  Come on guys you can do it.

*Folks, I will be back once rested with a strong, well thought out and written "TWICE" womm piece.  Stay tuned!

Update:  Silly me, I do pay for this service.  Should I be more upset now?  No, I just want it to be stable.  Come on boys, no more crashes.   Also a little love and shout out for K. Henney  at Quartz Mnt for his suggestions on how we can get more out of our site.   Check out his blog and company, it is worth it.  Great post today on the Cisco/Apple feud.  He is right on!  Thanks for the love Henney!   Peace all!


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Kevin Henney

TypePad is free? I thought their cheapest plan was $4.95 per month?

I'm curious why you choose a hosted service rather than hosting your blog at cre8buzz.com. You've done a great job on this blog and you've gained incoming links. The front page of your blog has a page rank of 4. Meanwhile, this has done little for your own domain, as cre8buzz.com is still a PR-0.

Why give up the control and SEO benefits of hosting your own blog for the small conveniences of using a service like TypePad?

Doug Haughey

Even though I've been reading your blog regularly, this is my first post. I think you have a great blog, but I'm curious to find out more about Cre8buzz, and when the other functions on your site will become available? Please let us know!


Jim, I understand your feelings, but your troubles are nothing comparing to what I experience EVERY day!
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The Digerati Life

Oh man, this happens to me once in a while and it's awful as you said. I bet you had the same sinking feeling as I did when I realized my work of art was no more. Thanks for visiting my site btw. Now I found yours and it's awesome!

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