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November 29, 2006

You can't always trust what you see!


  The age old saying "I saw it with my own two eyes" doesn't quite hold the same weight it once did.Today it is far too easy to manipulate reality.  Whether we recognize it or not, many of us are growing weary of the marketing messages around us.  We seem to think everything and everyone is full of  . . . well you know.  It is sad to think how cynical we have become.  This video isn't going to help either. 

Knowing this, trust seems to me to be the key to success.  It's simple, say it straight.  Don't exaggerate.  Be open, show your cards, everyone and everything has a wart (see Seth Godin Blog "Warts and All" ), being too perfect will scare people away.  Getting people to talk about you is unequivocally tied to trust.

No trust, no talk, no talk no exposure!   

November 28, 2006

Give a little love!

While we are busy getting our WOM engine up, why don't you give a little love to someone you think is impressive.  If you know of anyone that has an impressive talent: singing, invention/product, idea, skill etc, we don't care what it is.  We care that you think it is special.  Let us know and we will give a shout out. 

Anything we can do to get people exposure makes us happy.  Tis the season to give a little love and cre8 a little buzz!

I'll start, if you are into custom design, one of a kind furniture then Earl Walker is for you.  Out of Leadville Colorado, Earl makes some of the most beautiful and unique furniture you have ever seen.  Check him out, and if you talk with him tell him Jim Keenan sent you! 


What is WOM?  It is word of mouth.  Every time you talk about a product, a book, an experience or a person; it's word of mouth. Every time you, a friend or family member opens their mouth. . . voila it's word of mouth!!!

Although it is not new, WOMM (word of mouth marketing) has attained a new level of prominence.  Why, that's why.  OK, that is what we like to believe.  The truth is the Internet has changed everything. Blogs, emails, and social networking sites now give everyone a voice and an audience. The ability to manage, influence, listen and respond to the people that you come in contact with is critical.  Chris Anderson, author of "The Long Tail" says the Internet has now given the ability of obscure things to be seen and get attention.  It is an exciting time, a time that will allow those who want exposure, a level of exposure that has never been more attainable. 

WOM is the future.  If you want exposure, WOM better be your weapon of choice.  To get more information on WOM and how to use it for you or your business check out these sites.   We're building the engine, you will need to learn to use it. 

Good sites on WOM and WOMM:

November 26, 2006

BCS Scam!

Update: USC loses, Michigan still gets shafted cause no one wants to see a rematch, and Florida is the big winner, we're still cheering for Boise State!

OK, am I the only one whose blood boils every year at this time, when the BCS, (Bowl Championship Series) colleges attempt to create a Superbowl, picks the two teams to play for the National Championship?  Maybe it's just me, but I believe that any system that arbitrarily prohibits half of all college football teams from ever even getting a chance to play for, never mind win the National Championship  is whacked! The magical BCS just made the University of Southern California the number 2 team in the country today.  If they go on to beat UCLA next week, they will play the BCS number 1team undefeated Ohio State.   So, what is the problem?  USC is one of six teams with only one loss.  What makes them better?  One of those teams with one loss, Michigan, lost to Ohio State by just 3 points.  (USC's only loss came to unranked Oregon State).  Now, does that sound fair to you?  What about the other four teams with one loss, shouldn't they get a shot?  What is even more ridiculous, there IS one other undefeated team, Boise State, ranked 8th.  So why isn't the only two undefeated teams, Boise State and Ohio State playing each other?  Because the experts, and the computers say Boise State isn't good enough. How much better can you get than undefeated?  The whole thing just drives me crazy.   

I love  the Buster Douglas K.O. of Mike Tyson, 69 Mets over Baltimore Orioles, Villanovoa Basketball beating Patrick Ewing and Georgetown,  and of course The 1980 U.S. Hockey Team defeat of Russia.   If the BCS had their dirty hands in anyone of these events, they would never have happened.  The experts would have crowned the losers as the winners and argued how the winners didn't have a chance.  So much for the experts. 

The BCS and the NCAA need to get with the program, no pun meant, and create a playoff system that allows all 125 Division 1 football programs a chance to win the National Championship.  As a great sports caster once said  . . . "that's why they play the games!" Chris Berman ESPN

We're cheering for you Boise State!  You're a cre8Buzz kinda team!

November 23, 2006

Best Pumpkin Pie!

Happy Thanksgiving,

I am looking for the best pumpkin recipe in the world or at least in the U.S.  I hated pumpkin pie as a kid, but now I love it.   A Google search for the best pumpkin pie gave me a bunch of options.  Which is the best?  I don't know!  I guess that is why we are building cre8Buzz. 

If you have a great recipe, and aunt Betsy won't care if share it with the world.  I'll take it.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at cre8Buzz.

November 22, 2006

Word of Mouth gone wrong?

Google just broke the $500 mark.  It's market cap exceeds 150 billion, that makes it the most valuable company in Silicon Valley, bigger than Yahoo, and Apple. Google has the 23rd largest market-capitalization in the world.  Google trades at 57X PROJECTED 2007 earnings.   This is expensive!

According to Standard & Poor analyst Scott Kessler people just don't care how expensive it is. "A lot of people feel not only that they will lose out, but they will feel and look stupid" 

My question, is this word of mouth gone wrong?  Can word of mouth go too far?  Can the need to go with the masses and not be percieved as wrong have a negative effect?  It looks, to me, like there is some tipping point here.  A place where the natural check and balance of word of mouth becomes lost in some emotional storm.  If so, what is it, how can you anticipate it and when is it negative as opposed to positive?

I don't know, the answer. 

What I do know is that Ididn't buy Google at $100 because I thought it was too expensive for another .com.  Clearly, I don't know anything. 

November 21, 2006

Who's answering the phone?

We have all heard the debate about overseas call centers. The arguments have been harsh and wide but seem to all to often focus on the racial component.  "They don't speak proper english, I can't understand them, we're shipping jobs overseas" etc, etc. 

The other day while on a customer service call with . . . yes I will tell you who, trying to transfer a URL it struck me.  It is not about where they are, or who they are, it's about what they do.  My agent, customer rep, service rep, customer care personel, it doesn't matter what their title is (we call my guy Bob) anticipated my needs.   Bob quickly understood the motivation to my call.  Yes, I was motivated to call.  I had needs, I wanted my URL transfered.  But, what Bob quickly recognized is the fact it wasn't done and it was causing me problems. How did he respond?  By making me feel like my problem was his problem.  He educated my on the process, shared with me what he (Godaddy) could control, and made attempts to expidite the process.  His words were "let me see if I can force the transfer".   

Force the process, now that is my kinda guy.  Let's get it done and move on to the next thing.

Ok, so I'm still waiting for the transfer.  There was nothing more he could do.  We are still waiting for the other registrar to do their part.  Yup, you bet I called them, needless to say I am not going to tell you their name.  But, I am still waiting for my URL. 

It doesn't matter where the "Bob's" sit, what their first language is or what their cultural identity is.  What matter's is that they can solve problems, anticipate customer needs and most importantly motivations.   Yes, I was motivated to call unfortunately, only one of the registrars was motivated to help.


My name is Jim Keenan, this is Mike Ratliff "hello" and this is Gabe Orvis "hello my friends".  We are the founders of cre8Buzz!  We started this crazy venture because we felt that too many good, talented people and ideas where not getting the exposure they deserved.  Each of us had stories of impressive people we have met in our journeys who were not getting more "press".  These people had great products, or ideas, or were just extremely talented at what they did yet few people, if anyone, knew who they were.  It's for this reason we set out to build a WOM (word of mouth) engine to cre8 a way for talented people, businesses and ideas to be seen.   We like to think we are on to something so stay with us.  We launch Q1 2007.

We bet you're asking what is up with the ant?  Ant's don't "buzz"!  That is correct.  We would like to give thanks to Chris Anderson, Author of "The Long Tail" for the inspiration.  Thanks Chris!!!!

“For a generation of customers used to doing their buying research via search engine, a company’s brand is not what the company says it is, but what Google says it is. The new tastemakers are us. Word of mouth is now a public conversation, carried in blog comments and customer reviews, exhaustively collated and measured. The ants have megaphones.”  Chris Anderson - "The Long Tail"

Our goal or mission is to provide everyone with a megaphone for themselves AND for others.  As Chris says we are the new tastemakers; therefore we should have a bigger hand in what we see, listen to, read and rank*.   So stay tuned and join us in our efforts of getting bigger megaphones into the hands of the ants! 

Oh yeah, what can you expect from this blog?  I guess you could say it is our megaphone.  We'll be talking about WOM, marketing, customer service, and most important; great ideas and people we happen to come across.  You can also expect a good rant everyone once and a while as well. 

We're looking forward to it!

Many regards; Jim, Mike, Gabe and of course . . . Antman!

*a not so small hint