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December 31, 2006

I have been TAGGED!

OK, I guess this means I am no longer languishing in anonymity.  I have been Tagged!   Thank you cctech.   I take this tag, as anyone else who gets tagged should, as a compliment.  It says to me, that I am on top of mind of at least one blogger in the blogesphere.  It is an honor and I am flattered.   So now I will do my best to give you all a good purview into The Antman! 

Let's kick it up a little, I am going to make it 10, 5 will be the Antman, and 5 will be me.  The man, behind Antman!   Can you guess who is who!  I've got an Ipod Shuffle and a shout out to the first person who can guess them all right. (see comments).  Here we go, here we go yall!

  1. I love traveling, I have been to: Greece, China, Japan, Egypt, S. Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Malaysia, Taiwan and more.
  2. I am a Ski Instructor in Vail Colorado
  3. I love Motocross, Travis Pastana rocks!
  4. I was born in St. Louis
  5. My father is a writer
  6. I was born in Denver
  7. I am single
  8. I saw the Red Sox win game 4 of the 2004 World Series (I thought it would never happen)
  9. I am an avid reader, reading 12 to 15 books a year (always business books)
  10. I have a cousin who is a famous astronaught

I am now tagging:

Colin @ Sizzlemash
Mellisa G at sewgreen
unfathomed-psyche  @ free and decent blog
100 K Journey
Jon Swift

December 30, 2006

Good news for the little guy!

Hey all, doesn't it seem like  the bloging, social networks, social bookmarking, and the rest of Web 2.0 is a daunting, mass of craziness where the little guy (you and me) is just fly on a donkey's  . . . you know.  I mean think about, when we are using words like "mashable" and mash-ups this thing just feels huge. It can be overwhelming. 

Well, I got some good news.  It's just the beginning.   I ain't lying, serious, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Only 20% of Americans read blogs.  That is 1 in 5, 2 in 10 and my favorite, 20 out of 100.  That means there are 80 out of 100 people who still don't read blogs.  Now I don't have data, but using my small sphere of influence, half of the people I ask don't even know what a blog is!  Hey, hey, my friends, that sounds pretty greenfield to me.  It gets better, only 9% know what an RSS Feed is.  It may feel that this thing is  mature, but the truth is, it is just gittin started.   Ask people you know, not those online, but just random friends.  How many of them have heard of Digg, Technorati, Delicious, Mybloglog, Facebook, Orkut, or any other of the more common Web 2.0 sites that we take for granted.  I got 100 ant bucks,(with the exception of Myspace) that most people have no idea what you are talking about. 

This is the bomb for us little guys.  We may be little, but we are early.  It is only going to get better.  We have 80 out of 100 people we can potentially, someday, call our own!   Anyone, who is anyone, knows how long and how much effort it takes to grow your subscriber base.  Therefore, we the little guys are ahead of the curve.  How do we capitalize on this good news?  Nothing, if you are doing these things, if you're not, read closely. 

  1. Focus on your content - good posts get readers, even if it takes time. 
  2. Focus on your "talkers" - Reach out and thank those people who are telling others about you.
  3. Have a niche - I don't care what it is, just know what you are posting about and see #4
  4. Stay consistent - readers don't like to be surprised, they like to know what to expect so be consistent
  5. Don't stop - At the end of the day, persistence and commitment win out.  THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS!

One last thing to think about, If DVD ownership just passed the VCR then we are waaaaaaay out in front.  Relax, smile, and feel good knowing your blog is on the verge of greatness.   

Let's hear it for the little guy, we may not be little much longer. 

December 29, 2006

Celebrating Diversity!

Hey all it is "shout out" time and I thought I would celebrate a little diversity, not cultural diversity . . . ha ha ha.  I bet some of you were ready for a controversial posting.   Not today my friend.  But, I am gonna give a few "shout outs" to some unique blogs and blogging DIVERSITY.  Blogging is blowin up, with blogs of all types, but it is not surprising that the geeks and business pundits make up a huge portion of the blogs.  So for this reason; I am giving some love and props to a few of the unique and different folks I have come across. 

1) Celebrity Gossip:

If you or your spouse buy People, US Magazine, Intouch or any other tabloid/celebrity/gossip mag then Celeb Gossips is for you.  Kaileena Suza's site will keep you up to date on what's happening in Hollywood, who is dating who, who lost 10 lbs, who gained 10 lbs and who is hot and who is not.  If your spouse is like mine, you could save 20 bucks a week on People and US Mag. justing having them visit Celeb Gossip.

2) Holidays

If everyday is a Holiday for you then Casey and Celebrating Holidays Everyday is a must feed.  Casey has a great, comforting writing style.  Her passion for holidays is clear and she is quite a little techie as well.  You can expect recipes, stories, decorating ideas and more when you give her a visit.   I can't wait to see her post on flag day!  Yup, there really is holiday called Flay day.

3) Weddings

This "shout out' goes to Anna for her Wedding blog.  I love this idea.  Weddings touch all emotions, people get gushy, pissed, sad, happy, angry.  Shoot, I have seen a video where a fight broke out.  You gotta love a topic like that.  Anna's blog has good ideas, video's and thoughts on weddings.  A great, honest, authentic, resource for anyone planning a wedding or has a passion for weddings. 

4) ?????????

I don't even know how to categorize this next one, but the idea has sucked me in.  100k Journey is on a financial quest to grow his net worth to 100k.  Here is the kicker.  He is currently 23k in the hole.  OUCH!!!  Neil chronicles  every aspect, every  component of his financial day, spending, savings, ups, downs ETC.  Neil is opening his financial Kimono during his quest to a 100k.  I can't tell if this is going to be a true heart warming story or a train wreck, but either way I'm watching. 

Here is to Diversity, enjoy all!!!

December 28, 2006

Don't try so hard!

I have some good news.  You can stop stressing about being a good blogger.  Check out Anne 2.0, it couldn't be said any better.  Blogging is a creative pursuit.  A personal journey.  Whether or not you are making money is immaterial.  The point is that we can stumble if we try too hard.  By focusing on external resources for validation we stunt our creativity.  This my friends is not a good thing.    Being and expert, having all the data, being first to announce news are all good things, but it is creativity that brings your blog to life.  This creativity makes you stand out, establishes uniqueness and most important authenticity.  Authenticity is the guts of good blogs.  It is the intangible of your "Topic."  (remember the 5T's)  I gotta agree with Anne it's about connections and creativity.   I don't know about you, but I feel like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders.  Whew! Aahhhh! 

Thanks Anne :)  Also a big thanks to Tim Peter for introducing me to Anne 2.0

December 27, 2006

Leave a trail of "netcrumbs!"

If ya want people to find you, you gotta leave a trail.  I like to call them "netcrumbs."  Like good ol" Hanzel and Gretel.  Leaving a trail will lead more people to you.  Imagine if you were cre8ive enough to leave some crumb every where you went on the web.  Wow! how much traffic would you see?  Now, this isn't an invitation to go out and do something intrusive and muck up someones site, blog ETC. So don't get cute,  but think about it.  The more places you can leave a calling card, the more hits your site will see. 

How can this be done?  Hmmmm let me think, Oh yeah, how about comments?  Ya gotta give a little to get a little.  I can't tell you enough what a great way it is to leave a crumb, than a simple comment.  I talked about this earlier, so if altruistic and just being nice aren't good enough, then maybe a selfish reason might spur you on.  Either way, leaving a comment says, "Hi, I have been here and this is where you can find me if you would like."  I have gotten a number of my visitors this way!   You want another? OK.  Respond to comments, every comment you get.  Do it on their blog, or site and yours.  Thank folks for visiting, but be authentic.   If not you will be seen as fake and that is even worse!    Want another?  be a talker!  Bring people together. If you know of two blogs that share topics, leave a note on each telling them about the other.   Reach out man!  Ya gotta give to get.  If you  use a social networking site like  Mybloglog.com  visit as many  profiles  as they leave a netcrumb for you.  There are infinite ways to leave a trail.  More than my little brain could ever devise.  So as you go about your business, ask yourself; how can I let them know I was here? 

If anyone has any cool ideas let me know.   I will tell others AND let them know it was you with a link back.  Let me see some cre8ivity!   I know y'all have it!!

December 26, 2006

Two Views to View!!!!

Hey all, today is the day, my favorite day, Antman shoutout!   Today, so we can't be considered biased, or partisan, we are gonna give ya two "shout outs"  that's right two.  Call it a belated holiday gift.  Yes, I said holiday.  (remember we are about everyone at cre8buzz, I don't care what this country was FOUNDED on, it is extremely diverse today, and I am going to respect that.)  OK, drum roll please.  This week's shout out goes to . . . hey did I tell you?  We are going to do this twice a week now, because, I have too much fun with it and there are too many good blogs that deserve Buzz!  Alright, enough delay. 

My "shout out" goes to two political blogs, one liberal, one conservative.  It you are looking for contrasting opinions on the fate of our country, then either one of these blogs will fill your cup so have at em. 

Antman Political "Shout out!"

Liberal - A big fat slob, a witty writing style, there is nothing sloppy about my fat friend.  He goes after it, and doesn't mince words, but don't fret humor is weaved throughout.  But if nothing else, you gotta love his picture. 

Conservative - Jon Swift Mr Swift is clean, formal, and direct.  Mr. Swift's has an air of, oh let's say the opposite of the fat slob.   Mr. Swift is  Felix  Ungar to the slob as the slob is Oscar  Madison to Mr. Swift. 

Enjoy and remember we will be "Shoutin Out"  every Monday and Wednesday from here on in.  See around. 

December 25, 2006

Merrry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Cre8Buzz and the Antman!  We hope you have a wonderful holiday!


December 24, 2006

Not good, PERIOD!!!

Donald Rosie and Donald what the . . . !  I don't care what people say, any press is not good press.  Nobody, I mean nobody, should ever want to be associated with this type of behavior.  Insecurity is powerful.  How is it that two people who have achieved so much,  think so poorly of  themselves?   I couldn't tell you, but from my seat these two are lost souls.  What happened in their life that words, just words, could get them to embarrass themselves like that?  Donald man, get a hold of yourself.  Remember Teddy Roosevelt "walk softly and carry a big stick".  And Rosie, use your mouth as the tool of humor that gave your notoriety, it is not so becoming as a weapon.  The winner here is not who gets the last word, but who shuts up first, and maybe, just maybe, has the COURAGE, to apologize and take ownership for their insecurity. 

Remember, I will butcher this but you'll get my point, "you'll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar".  There are too many blogs with negative feedback: comments, postings, and ramblings, ETC. where folks are just down right nasty.   Take the high road, have some humility, and look for the constructive component.   Believe in what you have to offer others not what you can take from others.  You are what your write and say.   Gentleman; don't be a DONALD . . . ladies don't be a ROSIE!  And to everyone . .  be yourself and be secure!  You have the talent!

December 23, 2006

The Greatest New Site Ever!!!

Ok, we think so, but word has been spreading and we find ourselves continually be asked; "what is cre8Buzz?"  What kind of site is it?  How does it work?  Why are you doing it?  When are you launching?  etc.  So to provide more information and give everyone a broader understanding of who we are we have put together the following.  We wanted to be informative and fun to read and therefore struggled with the format but decided on an interview style approach.  We give a shout out to TechAddress for the format and the questions.  Thanks TechAddress.  We read you regularly. 

We hope you find it interesting and we look forward to having you all build your own buzz engine with us in March!

Question: Tell us a bit about your company, what it does and what’s your value proposition?

Cre8Buzz: cre8Buzz will make people famous.  Famous for what they do best, it doesn’t matter if you’re a homemaker in Demoine Iowa, or a mechanic from Odessa Texas.  If you got talent we want you to be famous.  We are building cre8Buzz with that goal in mind.  Every aspect of cre8Buzz will be developed to make sure that people, yes and business too, get as much exposure as they can! 

Question: What makes your company stand apart from your competitors?

Cre8Buzz: There are Billions of websites, over 100 million users on Myspace, and over 10 million users on Facebook, never mind the millions of other users on others social networking sites.  We get it; there is almost no way to keep from getting lost in that sea of mash.  Therefore, Cre8Buzz is segmenting its site by communities of interest.  These communities will range from skateboarding and cooking to tattoos and interior design.  Content is now easily found, that means people more are easily found.  This way people get more exposure and more importantly better exposure.   

Question: What are some of the main features?

Cre8buzz: The most exciting feature of cre8Buzz is that everyone and everything gets ranked.  Every picture, every piece of music, every podcast, every video, every blog, EVERYTHING gets ranked and it is ranked against everything else.  Everyday, cre8Buzz will highlight the top 8 profiles, blogs, pictures, videos, and audio/podcasts.  We will do it by category, segment and community.  The best content then gets the most exposure.  You wanna know who the best skate boarder is?  It'll take on click to find out.  You wanna know who the best cook is?  It'll take just one click. You wanna know what the best political blog is?  It'll take just one click.  Every profile and every piece of content will have a specific rank and will get exposure based on its ranking.  Get good rankings, get more exposure.

Question: Who’s your target customer or audience?

Cre8Buzz: cre8Buzz provides anyone who wants it, the ability to create exposure and build a following or “buzz” for themselves, their blogs, their company, their products, their music, their books, their videos, their inventions, their . . .ok you get it. It is for everyone who has a need or wants to get noticed. Beyond those looking for exposure our site gives people looking to play, socialize and network a specific place, where they can be part of a community that aligns with their interests and hobbies. Finally, those looking for unique, deep, helpful and robust information and content from tons of targeted sources will have a place to do just that.

Question: Any new things in particular that you’re working on right now?

Cre8Buzz: We are currently in the alpha phase and are putting the site to the test. Based on feedback we are continually adding new functionality. We are adding so many new things so quickly there isn’t one thing we are focused on.

Question: Where do you see your company heading in the future?

Cre8Buzz: cre8Buzz is starting as a site for people and businesses looking for exposure, or to communicate and network with people of like interests. As we grow and millions of users are adding content to hundreds of varying communities we will become a powerful information aggregator. We see cre8Buzz as supplying internet users with a seemingly endless supply of ranked and rated user-generated content on just about any subject extending endlessly down the long-tail.

Question: Any negative feedback or criticism regarding technology and services?

Cre8Buzz: No, people seem to be really excited. Sure, we expect feedback on everything, negative and positive, we’re looking forward to the feedback and are prepared to address it to constantly make ourselves better.

Question: So what would you say is the guiding principle behind your company?

Cre8Buzz: This is easy; we said it before.  We are going to make people famous.  Andy Warhol said everyone gets 15 minutes of fame.  We think that is too short. 

There have been too many barriers to exposure, especially for the little guy. These barriers have impacted society’s ability to benefit from all of its great people resources; their talents, ideas, skills, expressions etc. When these barriers exist society loses. When the barriers are removed everyone wins, society and the individual.  We're removing the barriers.

Question: What is the mission of your company?

Cre8Buzz: Our mission is to make people famous by removing the barriers to exposure and leveling the playing field  We want to give everyone the ability to be seen, to be heard and to be found.

Question: You say that you’re not formally launched yet. When is the launch date?

Cre8Buzz: We have just launched our working trial and test period and are making improvements as we speak. Our formal launch date will be March 2007.

December 22, 2006

Don't be stingy . . . give em feedback!

How often do you give feedback?   When you visit a blog do you leave comments?   Do you give feedback on the sites you visit?   You need to, so do it!  Feedback allows for dialog, it creates conversation.   People want to know what others think.   See Digg conversations, they can be crass at times, and yes some of the diggers can be a bit over the top, but they are some of the best conversations on the net.  The comments bring the story to life.  They take something good and make it great!  Comments bring out the true essence of a post, story, page or site.   So don't hold back, express yourself, and tell em what you think!  They'll love you for it!   

Let's see how well you do, our comment lines are open and ready!