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January 02, 2007

Get em buzzin about you!

If you want to get em buzzing about you, you gotta know who is talking.  Talker's are the buzz!  Oooh, I can hear them now.  The noise is deafening.  Now the question is, are they talking about you?  If not, ya got get em.  Remember the 5 T's of WOMM (word of mouth marketing?)  Talkers is the first on the list.  I think this means they're pretty important. 

To get em talking, you gotta know why they talk.  According to Dave Balter, Author of Grapevine, The New Art of Word-of-Mouth Marketing people talk for 6 reasons:  Imagedb

  1. Helping and Educating - People like to know they are  helping out.  It makes them  feel good  to know they are  helping people make good decisions, by providing insight or information that others don't have. 
  2. Providing Knowledge - Some people like to show off, they like to let people know that they have the inside scoop, or that they are experts in a particular field or space.  They derive some of their worth through sharing of information
  3. Finding Common Ground - Sharing of information, word-of-mouth, is often used to find common ground.  It's an easy and efficient way to for new people to connect. 
  4. Validating Our Own Opinion - At times people bring up a topic in order to solicit feedback or to fish for validating opinions and information.  We want to see or check if we missed anything
  5. Pride - People talk because they are proud to be apart of something,  a particular brand, or community.  They see themselves as an extension of that brand or community and it makes them feel special.  You gotta know that high ranking Digg users talk about Digg, Harley users will talk more about Harley's more than others and Myspace Useres are gonna talk about MySpace etc.  It makes them feel special, to be associated with the product.
  6. Sharing - When a product makes someone FEEL good, bad, angry, mystified they naturally want to talk about.  Another words, when people have an emotional reaction to something, THEY TALK ABOUT IT!

Now that you know why they talk, how are you going to get them talking?  More importantly, how are you doing it now?  Do you know who your "talkers" are?  Do you know why you have them?  Do you know why they talk.  Which one of the 6 does your product, service, blog, or site imbue on your talkers? 

Once you know who they are and why they talk, you gotta take care of them.  Say thank you, thank em publicly, then personally and thank em some more.  Make em feel special, because they are.  Provide them with something special, that you don't do for everyone.  Do something special just for them.  We all love to feel like we are the bomb and the big daddy!  Give em something to talk about, and if you can, give it to them first (being first always make me feel special). 

The key to buzz is your talkers.  Everyone has them, the key is getting them to get more (talkers) for you.  Now go get em, and get em talkin!  Oooh, the buzz is already getting louder, it's even more deafening. 

In the spirit of taking my own advice, I want to thank some of my biggest talkers.  We are on a mission and couldn't do it without your support and "deafening buzz" 

The Antman gives PROPS to all of y'all.


Unfathomed psyche


SOHO Cheerleader

Casey at Celebrating Holidays

cctech at crystal coast tech

Doug and Sage Haughey


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SoHo Cheerleader

In addition to the 6 reasons why people talk that you have listed, I would like to add one more.

7. The Law of giving. Simply put, if you want to get people talking, you should get talking too. A typical example is Antman's shout outs etc he's obviously a generous giver/talker. Do you now see why he's getting the deafening buzz? However, the Law of giving can work for or against you depending on how you use it. If you are constantly saying bad things about people, you'll get more negative comments than you think you can handle.

Did someone just mention the SoHo Cheerleader?



Wow! I made it on the Antman's site. What an honor. Antman, you have no idea what it means to me that you gave me a shout out. You are 110% right, you want to take care of your talkers. I really like your examples, because it is so true, you do like to talk about things that you feel you have a part of, like owning a Harley, or living in Colorado. Keep up the great work, you are the ANT"MAN"!!!


Great post (and I'm not just saying that because of the shoutout ;)). Generating buzz is what it is all about and your tips will be really valuable this year!
Thanks for blogging!

Cheyne Rood

Seems right on the mark. And heartening, because our site will prompt input for all of these reasons!

Casey Galatos

Hey Antman, I'm thrilled to recieve your PROPS. And I do agree with you that there are lots of sites with fake content. However, there are more no. of sites which are unique in content or style. Being an optimist, I can't help but feel for such sites. Am reading lots of blog marketing sites now a days. Although, they share the similar topic, each has a different presentation style. In this world of Blogosphere, its not always possible for a common man to come up with new innovative content. However, their sincere desire to participate in the conversation should be respected-Regards,Casey
P.S. Just wanted all your readers to know that Celebrating Holidays Everyday Community at MyBlogLog 7 elsewhere,is now called Cyber-Holidays (as in the URL)-Am trying some branding here. Do u think the name's better this way?


Hi there Antman. Have you ever read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell? It's about social "infections" or "viruses" in fashion, politics, beliefs, etc. He hits on some of your same points. You might enjoy the book

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