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January 03, 2007

I ain't gonna visit your blog . . .

or profile, or site if you are disingenuous .  That's right.  If I sense you are fake, forget it.  Look, I am attracted to user generated content because of it's authenticity and I don't think I am the only one.  We get manipulated every day by traditional media, with an agenda.  There is nothing wrong with that, because we know the game.  But, when I want something real, I want to be able to trust what I read.  I don't want to have to interpret motivations.  The beauty is it's your content.  It is an extension of you.  So don't sell out.  Keep it real, let your heart and your mind build momentum.   

Authenticity is going to be even more important as 2007 rolls on.  Pay per Post is growing.  I have no problem with people getting paid to post, but if it is not clearly and loudly disclosed, I am pissed.  Blogging, profiles, and the such imply a direct connect with the author and that is the appeal of user-generated content.   Let's not lose the appeal.  So as Pay per Post grows, authenticity is going to be a differentiator.   Make sure you use it to your advantage.

Now check it, there is another reason authenticity or being genuine needs to reign.  It should be considered  etiquette, and that is how you promote yourself on blogs, social sites and other places.   Look, here is the deal, Mybloglog, folks take notice.  Don't leave a gratuitous hello, or comment on my profile or blog or site etc. just to get me to come visit your site.  Nothing is more irritating than a fake comment, like "nice post" or "I agree, keep it up".  Keep it real.  I see right through you and so does everyone else.  Show me some love, read my stuff and tell me what you really think or don't say anything.  Don't do it because you want me or others to visit your site.  The Antman has said this more than once, "you gotta give to get", but you gotta give authentically.   

OK, I will visit your site, I will visit your blog, I will check out your profile IF . . . your keepin it real baby!!!  Oh yeah!


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I agree, keep it up ;)

Kevin Henney

Nice Post ;)

Seriously, though, you're making an excellent point. I'm wondering if you've considered how your decision to blog under a pseudonym may work against your philosophy of "keepin it real"?

I just scanned through the ~200 feeds in my reader, and yours is the only one I can't attach a real name to. And I can't think of one A-List blogger who doesn't write under their real name.

Frankly, I'm still a bit confused about the authorship of your blog. Your "I have been tagged" post a few days ago was written as if it was posted by someone other than "the Antman". Are there two people blogging here? One person with a split personality? Is "the Antman" just a rhetorical device you use? Is it an inside joke that I'm just not getting?

Don't get me wrong, I've read enough of your posts that I don't doubt your authenticity. But if you're serious about keeping it real, why not put your name on this?

I enjoy your blog, and I'd be able to take it a lot more seriously if you made it clear WHO is posting. You're dead-on about the increasing importance of authenticity, so why not come out from behind the curtain and drop this Antman business? It feels gimmicky, and your writing is strong enough that you don't need gimmicks.

I hope I'm not being too critical here. Please delete this comment if it offends. My intention is simply to point out how your blog could feel more authentic to me.


Great post James. After reading it, I realized that all of my posts on our blog were written by "Administrator". Wow - talk about a cold, sterile title.

So, I went back and changed my title to "Webmaster". That really strokes my fragile ego ;).

PS, just kidding - I changed it to Anthony :).

SoHo Cheerleader

I really have to disagree with your comment that "Blogging, profiles, and the such imply a direct connection with the author...". I have a blog with books and profiles and with no connection with a single one. I believe I am sharing and educating by featuring things that I have benefited from. Antman, we are going to have to leave this one to the readers to decide. I am going to post a survey and get back to you with the results.

Kevin's view on the authenticity is interesting and somewhat true but frankly, it really doesn't matter to me who the antman is (or antmen are).

Keep the good stuff coming!

Melissa R. Garrett

I totally agree with you! Seriously!! Often people come to my site, via MyBlogLog, and have listed me as a contact, joined my community, are one of my admirers. And I have to wonder, what makes this person, who is SO clearly different than I, interested? I believe that half of them don't care one iota about what I have to say or what is going on in my life. It's the same thing I see on really popular crafting sites - people will leave comments JUST TO LEAVE A COMMENT without offering much of anything else. How aggravating!

Nice post :-)

PS - I will be linking to you from my blog. I just need to figure out how to categorize you (and a dozen others) that's don't currently fit under what I already have.


Hey Henney! Great point. My posting under the Antman does seem a bit oh, how should I put it? CONTRADICTORY! I mean no harm, nor is it my intention to appear disingenuous. The Antman is the personification of our company cre8buzz. We chose, I (Jim Keenan) chose him to be the voice of cre8buzz. I think it was a good choice too. He is funnier than I am. Also, I am unable, nor willing to be the face and mouthpiece of cre8buzz. cre8Buzz, the company and the idea is far bigger than me. By creating a character with it's own personality we set the guidelines for what a reader gets form the blog and The Antman himself. This personification of cre8buzz can and will extend far beyond me and that is the expectation. The authenticity is and will be in The Antman's steadfast consistency in his blog, posting, recommendation, comments etc. But to your point, yes I can understand how it could be confusing. Please see our first post Hello! As we introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about the Antman. And yes, your point is why my name and personal email is at the bottom of the blog and why I chose to share a little bit of info from both of us when tagged. Finally, the other reason we/I use the Antman. We just think it is a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Great comment Kevin, this is exactly what we love the most!!! Discussion, debate and honest dialog, Keep it coming!


SoHo, Your point is well taken. However, think about it this way. If you benefited from the books and therefore you recommended them, isn't that your connection? I don't think you recommend books you didn't read or didn't like. Your recommendations are assumed "authentic" and therefore worthy of exploration. This is the connection I refer to. The books impacted you and therefore your hope, (your motivation) is to impact others by sharing. This is the true authentic value of user-generated content. Sweeeet!!!


"Your recommendations are assumed 'authentic' and therefore worthy of exploration."

This goes back to the idea of word of mouth advertising being the most effective. Of course WOM can be disengenuos, but I think most people can see through that.

One has to wonder if spam comments really hurt the spammer in the long run. I know that when I encounter spam comments or fall victim to them, the last thing I want to do is read their blog or visit their profile/website/whatever.

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