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January 31, 2007

Health and Heart Update

A quick update on the Health and Heart Shout Out!  RubyRedShoes has not had a cigarette in 4 days.  She is struggling in the mornings , but she is doing well.  Go give her some love.  Our support to date has been hugely helpful.  Go on ya'll you are only a click and a comment away from makin a difference.

GO RUBYREDSHOES!!!!!!!  Just think, no more stinky breath,  ugh!  :)

Why women wear makeup.

I don't have a clue, if you thought I was gonna have answer for that one, you must really think I'm the shiznit!  What I do know is the ladies like to look pretty.  So this is a "Shout out" for the ladies, the divas and the honey's who are looking to be pampered and the people who pamper them.

Whadya say we make a day of it?  Here is your schedule,

6:00 - 8:30
Work out with Personal Trainer Toronto she will get your blood pumpin, and your butt in shape.   You also gotta check out her blog Loose the lumps  dedicated to getting rid of that nasty cellulite

9:00 -  10:00
Coffee with Caffeinated Marketer, he will give you the scoop on Java, Tea and anything else caffeinated.  He'll keep you on your toes, literally.

10:00 to 2:00
Time to shop to you drop with my girl Michele84.  Her blog on Cool Steals and Deals  has kickin bargins on everything under the sun.  Get a little bling, bling and don't forget the plastic. 

2:00 - 3:00
Time for a little make over with Girl Paint she'll get you looking FINE!!!   And while your there no better time to be talking gossip smack with my girl at Celebrity Gossip Blog too many juicy stories to be had.  "Have you seen Paris lately?  Oh my god?

3:00 - 5:00
End the day at the book store, getting a great read from David at 299  words each.  David writes fantastic novelettes that are no more than 299 words. 

Ladies, ya'll should be feeling good and feeling rejuvenated after your special day.  I still don't know why ya where make-up but you look damn good. 

I hope you enjoyed your day!

January 30, 2007

Sticky like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth!

Hey all, I told you I would be back with more on making your messages sticky!   In a world where viral seems to be the next big thing, ok is a big thing.  Making your messages stick is a talent worth it's weight in gold.  You get good at being sticky, sticky like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth, success is gonna be bangin at your door.

In I don't remember that . . . I gave ya'll the 411 on the brothers 2; Chip and Dan Heath.  Authors of the book Made to Stick they give 6 key qualities of being sticky!  Do you remember what they were boys and girls? 

  1. simple
  2. unexpectedness
  3. concreteness
  4. credibility
  5. emotional
  6. stories

Today's post is gonna give a little love to number one, simple.  Remember the term "suck face", no wait, I mean K.I.S.S.  Keep it Simple Stupid.  It is key to making it stick.

The key to simple is ya gotta find the core, you need to strip your idea down to its most critical essence.  To get to the core, ya gotta get rid of all the filler, the weak, adds no value crap we tend to rely on to get our point across.  Ya gotta weed out the non important stuff.  Once you've accomplished that feat, it gets hard.  You have to weed out the important stuff, but not the MOST important stuff.  The key is knowing how much you can squeeze out of an idea, without loosing its essence.  It's not dumbing down, it is elegance and prioritization. 

Simple =Core +Compact 

Beyond getting to the core message it has to be compact.  Don't make it wordy, it has to be tight, short, quick, to the point.  Compact messages are sticky, but they also need your core to make give em value.  It is the combination of getting to your core and making it compact that will make your message sticky. 

Now stop and take a look at your messages, are they sticky?  Are they compact, do they represent your core?  Are they simple?  If not do it again.  It'll take a little time, but it's worth it.  For motivation, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without a glass of milk.  Sticky baby, sticky!

January 29, 2007

Absolutely Ingenious!

Convergence_2 Check out Jackson Pollock.org  When it comes to combining identity with brand,  we all need to be this tight!  This is the bomb!   

Yo dawg!  Creating a strong brand image ain't easy.  Being consistent and true to it is even harder.   But when you can get it right, it can be super dope.  Your messages will be sticky.  Word of Mouth takes hold.  Nothing is left for interpretation.   

People know who you are and what you are all about!


Click your mouse to change the colors.  Have fun!


January 27, 2007

Truly LUCKY!

Have you ever seen my boy Tiger swing a golf club?  "Go on be a Tiger!"  Remember how Micheal could  just drop 40 or 50 like it ain't no thing.  (That would be Jordan)  Michelle Wie is 16 and my girl can hit a golf ball 300 yards.  300 Yards, Yo dog, most adult MEN can't do that.  Images Have you experienced other phenomenal talents?  What about Yo Yo Ma, Meryl Streep, John Steinbeck, Jackson Pollock, Steven Hawkings, Frank Lloyd Wright, Steven Spielberg, all these folks are off the hook!  They are the best at what they do.  Knowing this, have you ever watched these talents and said to yourself how lucky are these people to be born with such crazy talent?   I know you think these people were lucky.  I know you have asked, with a little bitterness, why you weren't that lucky.  I know you have, we all have.  Don't pretend, just admit it.  This way we can move on.

Now check it, I don't think being born with talent is very lucky at all.   I think all of us have a superior skill or talent.   Something at which we excel.  Something that we are better at than most others.  Yea, you have a talent, a talent at which you are better than 90% of everyone else.   

Stay with me. 

Tiger was not lucky  because he was born with a kickin ability to play golf, he was lucky because he was born to dad, who's passion was golf.  Would we have a Tiger today if Earl Woods had been an artist, or a writer, or football player.   What if Earl hated golf and Tiger didn't swing his first club until 16?  I'll make it easy.  The answer is no, no Tiger folks.  No Michelle Wei, No Yo Yo Ma, No Michael Jordan.  If these folks were never introduced to or found what they were great at,it just wouldn't have mattered.  That's right, it is not having a phenomenal talent that makes you lucky, it is being introduced to it that makes you TRULY LUCKY!

This is good news.  There is hope for all of us.  Being successful,  has less to do with what you were born with but more with our ability to live life and find our talent.  The more we live, the more experiences we have.  The more experiences we have the more exposure we have to different, and unique things.  You get where I am going.  Live a little more, the advantage, you might learn a little something about yourself and that may become a big thing. 

What is your hidden talent?  There is value in finding it!


January 26, 2007

What questions are you asking?

Have you ever asked yourself how often you ask a question?  Are you a teller?  Do you find yourself giving information more often then you are getting information?  Why do you suppose this is?  Do you suppose it is easier?  Do you think we don' know better?  Has it occurred to you that we are crazy bunch of tellers, and I ain't talking bank tellers?   Dogquestion Have you noticed how much we are being yapped at?  Can you recall the last time someone was generally interested in you and what you needed?  Can you remember the last time some asked you questions in an effort to better understand you?  Does it bum you out if it hasn't happened in a while? 

What about you?  How often do you ask questions?  When you have a pissed off a client or customer do you ask yourself, "I wonder how I would feel in this situation?"  When you are developing a kickin new product or service do you start with, "How will this affect my customer?"  Do you ask your best customers what they think of your idea?   Do you ask your employees, what they think?  Do you ask them where improvements can be had?  Do you ask your direct reports if they are getting exactly what they need from you?  Do you blog?  Why?  Before you start a post do you ask; "why am I writing about this today?  Why do I think my readers will like it?  Why did I chose this subject?"  What about your family?  What if your child is having trouble at school, do you ask yourself what is like to be a kid in today's world?  Do you ask "how is it different then when I was a kid? "  How often do you honestly in sincerely ask your spouse how he/she is doing?   

How often do you try to get information, BEFORE you open your trap and give information? Do you tell too often?  Do you ask the questions?  Do you get information or give information?

I think we all are real good tellers and could be a little better at asking, DON'T YOU? 

It IS in the questions!

January 25, 2007

It's so simple, it ain't easy

Are you over complicating things?  How simple is your message?  How simple is your site?  How simple are your products?  I think we are getting inundated by too much. 

Reduce, organize, simplify. 

How simple can you make it?  How complicated does it have to be?

You decide, but I think in today's world simpler is better. 


January 24, 2007

Be a Maverick!

zzzzzz . . . snoring . . . zzzzzzzzz . . . snoring . . . zzzzzzz . . . uh ahhhhh, I'm sorry. I get like this  a lot these days.  Every thing seems so BORING!  Yup, boring.  I have been wondering where has all the creativity gone.  T.V. Shows, boring, radio, boring, blogs (some are great) but many are boring, social networking sites, engaging but boring!  What is my point?  It seems the mavericks are gone or are being coached into boring vanilla yes men by scared $#@less V.C.'s who are too afraid to put it out there.   

I wanna see some creativity.  I wanna see some mavericks to push the envelope.  Look I ain't saying there aren't cool new ideas or that we aren't seeing some great stuff rise up.  New will always be new.  But, I think we need some folks to shake things up.  Some folks who are looking at things from a twisted angle.  Homies  (meant to be gender agnostic) who aren't afraid to ask funky questions and tackle problems from a different bent.  I want mavericks, those cats who thumb their nose at convention and blaze their own trail with originality.  Folks who set the stage for everyone else.  The world is full of me too's.  Now, their ain't nothing wrong with that, because money is being made.  But, we need more leaders.  If ya think about it.   It is the maverick, the creative that drives our culture.  Ray Kroch and McDonalds set the tone for all of fast food.  Look at your jiggling belly and now you can if you wish curse Ray.   With out Henry ford, we are all walkin to work,  now look at your jiggling belly again and curse Henry.  Yup GM is also a copy cat.  Google is a copy cat.  A good one, but we all know they weren't firs to search.  I think my point has been made.

As you look at your business, your role at work, your blog, or any other part of your life, ask yourself at what angle are you viewing it?  Turn it upside down man, now spin it around.  Look at it differently.  How many views can get?  How do things look different? 

Once you are looking at it different, what are you gonna do?   Come on now, think.  Dig deep.  Do something different.  Be creative, don't confine yourself.  What ever ya do, DON'T be afraid.  Don't box yourself in.  Take chances, push the envelope, be a maverick! 


I'm no math major, but it seemed kinda cool to make an equation. 

January 23, 2007

Health and Heart


  • There are 46 million smokers in this country!  Damn that is a lot of dirty mouths!
  • 85% of all lung cancer cases are smoker related
  • Odds are 50%, 1 in 2 that a smoker will die of something smoker related
  • Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of, listen closely to this, PREVENTABLE death!  The magic word here is PREVENTABLE, thus the capitalization. 

Man those little sticks are killers!  It makes ya wonder why people ever get started, but they do. 

I want all of those nasty stats to drop by one!  That's why I am giving a "Shout Out" to Ruby Red Shoes over at New Year's Resolutions Blog.  Ruby is a grandmother.  She became a grandmother "late" in life, as she puts it.  She has been smoking for years.  She is, unwillingly in love with the Marlboro Man.  He is a rugged guy, not my type, but I can see how some girls like him.  Ruby has tried to quit on at least three occasions.  The damn things have her by the uh, oops, I mean she is addicted to them.   

Ruby wants to spend more time with her granddaughter and therefore has made a resolution to quit and it appears she is dead set ( bad pun NOT intended) on making it this time.   Yeee Haaaaaa!  You go Ruby.  Now she  has  decided to share her journey with the  bloggasphere.  So for that  my girl is getting an Antman "Shout  Out"  I can't think of anything more important than someone being successful in quitting smoking.

They say there is power in numbers.  I want to put that to the test.  Let's see if we can get good ole Ruby a little Web 2.0 love.  I bet we can get 1200 people, (unique visitors for you web heads) to visit her and give our Ruby girl some support by the end of the 07.  That is 100 people a month.  That seems doable to me.  What do ya think? 

It don't cost no money, It ain't political or religious.  It ain't porn, although maybe it should be, then 1200 would be too low.  You're all dirty dogs.  Anyway, my point is it will make someone feel real good inside.   So go on, do it.  Tell RubyRedShoes that you are pullin for her and that she is gonna see plenty of that little rug rat of hers.  Here is to all ya'll Bloggin fools and thanks for helping RubyRedShoes . . . there is no place like home.  There is no place like home. 

Toto, Toto come back, Toto,  Anti M,  Anti M, Ok, Ok.  I'll stop.

I will keep ya'll updated on the progress to 1200.  Stay tuned.

See ya!

January 22, 2007

Do you know who your readers/customers are?

Getting to know you, my reader,has been wonderful.  You are a great group of people.  You're supportive, fun, energetic, intelligent, very intelligent, it's a bit intimidating, ya kinda freak me out sometimes.  I took the little bus to school.  However despite what I have been able to grasp, I don't really know that much about you . . . this is my odyssey, to REALLY get to know you. 

When I sit down to post, I ask myself what do YOU want to read today?  What will make you laugh?  What will have you saying, quietly to yourself; "Oh, I'm glad I checked out the Antman today!"  Every time I sit down, I am wrangling with all the voices in my head; 

"They'll love this," one voice will say.

While the other voice will be belting; "No, man, you gotta write about that, that is what they want to hear about." 

Ooooh baby it can be a battle in there at times.  But, ya know, to me it is a good battle because it is important to write something that you will enjoy.  Now don't get confused, I write because I like it.  I write my way, because it is who I am.  I write about what I think is important, BUT I also write for you.

Now check this!  I'm gonna piss some people off here, but oh well bring it.  Everyone who writes a blog is writing for other people.  If not, then you wouldn't make it public.  If ya didn't want an audience, then you would write in a flowery diary, with a cheesy lock, and you would hide it in the top drawer of your dresser where no one could ever find it.  Let's keep it real baby.  Ya blog because ya want attention.  There aint nothing wrong with that.  It's all good.  Now, don't confuse the desire for attention and this post as a contradiction to an early Antman post  Don't try so hard.   Blogging IS a personal journey. I am feelin ya.  I'm not suggesting you need to compare yourself to other "better" bloggers or that you need to even be a good blogger.  What I am saying is, you need to know who you are blogging for.  Who your audience is.  Now that we have established that you are actually blogging for others; who is it and what do they want?

This question is the age old question of business.  Who is my customer.  Well, unfortunately we don't really try too hard to figure it out.  Many say they do, but I ain't buying it.  This is where you get to turn it up a notch.  Get those voices in YOUR head battling.  Start paying more attention to the comments.  What is getting people excited?  Why do they come to your site?  Why do they buy your product?  WHY DO THEY TELL THEIR FRIENDS?  What is the true, true, true, TRUE, value your readers, customers, get from you? 

I used to think ya'll love the Antman cause I am cute.  I've gotten some feedback that says that may not be quite accurate.  So, I am gonna keep watchin, readin and listenin.   I'm gonna get better at knowin who you are and why ya come around.  I like havin ya.  Ya'll are the bomb, that I know.  So I wanna keep ya comin back.  I get lonely easy.

                                                                                                                                . . . Where ya going?   

                                                                                                                                     . . . Don't go, you just got here