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January 23, 2007

Health and Heart


  • There are 46 million smokers in this country!  Damn that is a lot of dirty mouths!
  • 85% of all lung cancer cases are smoker related
  • Odds are 50%, 1 in 2 that a smoker will die of something smoker related
  • Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of, listen closely to this, PREVENTABLE death!  The magic word here is PREVENTABLE, thus the capitalization. 

Man those little sticks are killers!  It makes ya wonder why people ever get started, but they do. 

I want all of those nasty stats to drop by one!  That's why I am giving a "Shout Out" to Ruby Red Shoes over at New Year's Resolutions Blog.  Ruby is a grandmother.  She became a grandmother "late" in life, as she puts it.  She has been smoking for years.  She is, unwillingly in love with the Marlboro Man.  He is a rugged guy, not my type, but I can see how some girls like him.  Ruby has tried to quit on at least three occasions.  The damn things have her by the uh, oops, I mean she is addicted to them.   

Ruby wants to spend more time with her granddaughter and therefore has made a resolution to quit and it appears she is dead set ( bad pun NOT intended) on making it this time.   Yeee Haaaaaa!  You go Ruby.  Now she  has  decided to share her journey with the  bloggasphere.  So for that  my girl is getting an Antman "Shout  Out"  I can't think of anything more important than someone being successful in quitting smoking.

They say there is power in numbers.  I want to put that to the test.  Let's see if we can get good ole Ruby a little Web 2.0 love.  I bet we can get 1200 people, (unique visitors for you web heads) to visit her and give our Ruby girl some support by the end of the 07.  That is 100 people a month.  That seems doable to me.  What do ya think? 

It don't cost no money, It ain't political or religious.  It ain't porn, although maybe it should be, then 1200 would be too low.  You're all dirty dogs.  Anyway, my point is it will make someone feel real good inside.   So go on, do it.  Tell RubyRedShoes that you are pullin for her and that she is gonna see plenty of that little rug rat of hers.  Here is to all ya'll Bloggin fools and thanks for helping RubyRedShoes . . . there is no place like home.  There is no place like home. 

Toto, Toto come back, Toto,  Anti M,  Anti M, Ok, Ok.  I'll stop.

I will keep ya'll updated on the progress to 1200.  Stay tuned.

See ya!


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Hey Antman...that is so wonderful of you...I'll check in with Ruby.


To RubyRedShoes:
Having been through the journey your are starting, I can tell you that it is easier if you think of it in a positive way: "I am giving myself many extra days to spend with my lovely grandchild" rather than saying that "I am 'giving up' smoking, as if it was some kind of delightful thing a person should value.
It's not a unique thought, as there is nothing new under the sun, Ruby, but it is sent to you with love and caring,
Sincerely, Matthew


Hi Matthew,

Thanks again for the encouragement. Every bit of support helps and makes me stronger!


Hi Antman,

I'm new to blogging so I hope I am doing this right. You said you wanted to know about my progress. I've put up a new entry called Staying Strong at newyearsresolution.com. Thanks again for your support. Ruby

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