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January 16, 2007

What is a Shout out?

Blog_post_2 What is a "Shout out"?  We have been asked this a few times.  So let me give you the 411.  The "Shout Out" is our way to give obsure, unknown, ideas, blogs, companies or what ever a little love.  We look for, find, and stumble upon cool stuff.  It doesn't matter what it is, who it is, or what the topic.  We are equal opportunity "shouters"  So it is simple, a "Shout out" is our way of participating in the word of mouth world. 

Why do we do it?  We love it!  It gets us excited to be able to tell all of you about someone or something we like.  It makes us feel good to know that we may, in some small way, play a role in the success of someone else.  Our goal is to make as many people as we can famous.  We think 15 minutes is too short.  Sorry Mr. Warhol, but times have changed, 15 minutes no longer applies.  Also, I have a megaphone and I intend to use it often.  "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"  Good, it works!

I also want to thank a few folks who have adopted our mission and are giving more life to the shout out. 
unfathomed_psyche at Shout out Loud
Casey at Cyber-Holidays

Don't be shy and help spread the love, if you know of something good we should be shoutin, even if it is you, let us know.  Peace out ya'll, thanks for the support and here is to the "Shout out" and makin people famous!


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