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February 15, 2007

For money or for love?

Hey all, we are gettin close to launching cre8Buzz.   If ya don't know what were about then you gotta be livin in a cave, so check us here

Now, as we are gettin closer to launch, we're having a debate and it is gittin heated.  What are we debating?  We are debating whether or not you all blog, join and participate in social networking, for money or for love.  We see ya'll using Adsense, banner ads, paid links, pay for post etc.  It looks like ya'll are looking for the Benjamin's.   But, we also see ya'll doing it for the love; no adds, passionate posts, passionate topics, meeting people, helping out and sharing.  So which is it?  Why do ya'll join the sites you join?   Why do you blog?  How do you decide what social networking sites to join?   What motivates you to play in the online world?  We wanna know!

It's been a fiery debate at cre8Buzz.  People are gittin jumped in the halls for being on the wrong side of the debate.  It's like the Montague's and the Capulet's, the Crip's and the Blood's, the Hatfield's and McCoy's. It's gittin bloody and dangerous for a little Ant. 

So ya'll help me out and give us the 411, tell us your thoughts. 

Is it for MONEY or LOVE?


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I do it for love. That said however...I do have some paid things on my site. I do try to have my site paying for itself (minus my time...blah blah). It pays for it's own hosting and such though.

See ya...

Marilla P. Alligator

I blog for love of comic strips and professional reasons alike. Not unlike your blog here, it is a precursor to an upcoming website launch. My passion for the subject fuels the blog and while it is not set to be a moneymaker itself, its existence does have business incentives.

Melissa R. Garrett

I'm a totally insecure person and mostly blog for the comments! See, us at-home moms can sometimes feel pretty isolated from the real world, especially when there is 20 inches of fresh snow on the ground and getting out is just too difficult with 3 monkey children. I need friends. I need to feel connected to other people, and luckily I have made some GREAT online friendships.

With that said, a little extra money every now and again is nice. Pinching pennies on one income is NOT my idea of fun. I have my etsy shop where I sell my crafts, although that has yet to do as well as I like. And I also joined Cafe Press, more on a lark than anything else. I also joined Vizu, where people can run polls on my site if they feel the demographics of my blog will suit them (no luck on that so far. sigh.)

In conclusion (LOL!) I blog mostly for meeting new people. But a little extra $$ is always nice too . . .

link building services

I do it for my heavily interests in it and lots of love of sharing. Money is obviously necessary but not always matters.

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