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February 03, 2007

How Canada destroyed social networking!

Ok, I'm exaggerating a little.  I'm sure many of you have seen this.  It is truly funny and it speaks volumes about what we will do to get attention.  When I first saw it, I was rollin . . .


then I was irritated. If ya'll didn't know, these girls were frontin.  It was a fake, it wasn't real.  Four chicks from Canada, the great white north, eh?  They thought they were being funny, don'tcha know.  But were they?  I am askin.   

We get it!  People are looking to get exposure, people wanna be famous.  We are building cre8Buzz for this very reason, to get people exposure and make them famous.  However, my question, do ya wanna make half the world look like idiots to do it?   You've heard me talk about this before.  My position hasn't changed, authenticity IS the KEY to good social networking.  If we continue to be duped we will look at user-generated content with skepticism.  Once the connection to authenticity is gone, social networks and user-generated content becomes no different than T.V. or the Movies.  The value is gone! 

I said it before and I'll say it again.  We love user generated content, because it is real and authentic.  Ya girls and their game, although it's gonna get them their 15 minutes, are doing it on the backs of future cats who's content is real. People who are giving us a look at life as it happens.  How many more fakes will you watch before you don't believe anything you see.  Yo, ya'll it ain't right.  I don't want to be the person who has the slamminest REAL funny video that no one believes because everyone has been numbed by the fakes. 

Call me old school, call me naive, call me a punk, but I ain't comin off my position.  User-generated content is supposed to be real and authentic.  When we deviate from that reality and don't disclose we are violating the trust of viewers.  If ya disclose it is all good.  If ya don't your a punk!  Our girls are punks, ya know why?  If they told us it was a fake, it wouldn't have been any good.  The value to it was the belief that someone could actually freak out like that over bad hair.  With out that belief,  IT WOULD NOT BE entertaining.  Thanks girls, you chose to get yours, at our expense.  Ya got me!

Ya know, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  We are one selfish, gimme mine, I don't care about anyone else but me society.

Despite it all, I got give it to em.  It is funny! 

Now, what did I do with MY video camera?



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Romain Levesque

That was totally irritating,and so fake! I agree with you on this one.Yes,if people keep this up they will ruin user content for everyone!
You hit the nail on the head with this post.
Health and Prosperity,
Romain Levesque

Divya Uttam

This was much better than so many crap videos, we can find.
With so much of user-generated content, authenticity would always be questioned.
With real world is getting so artificial, reel life looks much more realistic.
In short I really doubt the quality of user generated content and only very few people would be able to take the best of it.
This could be bit controversial, the concept of user-generated content is itself not very clearly understood, by me and by many.
Internet is stupidly supposed to be opportunistic world, where doing all these funny activities, people are thinking would give them name, fame or some fortune. We have all the experiences with MySpace, and with so many crap blogs.
People do blogging for Money. Isn’t it pointless, to have no proper ideology behind a blog and with just so much of irrelevant forced user developed content, putting few banners and ads around that content people are expecting to make fortunes for themselves.
Only very few, who know their stuff, can develop an authentic content, for others we need give them a pass.

Your blog is really getting more interesting and more engaging. People should learn from person like you on how to get into serious business from the opportunities, which they get being in Internet Age.
Divya Uttam

Divya Uttam


This is a great reply to the video above. A must watch for people who found the above video Irritating or funny Either ways... You are gonna like this one.

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