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February 16, 2007

Just plain good!

Yo, ya'll "shout out" time.  I love food, I am awfully skinny, so you wouldn't know it.  So a blog on food is a good thing.  But when you find a blog that is just plain GOOD, for all the right reasons and is about food, what a powerful combination.   

101 Cookbooks is just that combination.  Written by Heidi Swanson 101 Cookbooks has a very inviting element, like a good restaurant.  It is clean, just like a food preparation environment should be.  It is well laid out, things are easy to find; just like all great kitchens.  It is informative, she makes it easy to follow and easy to understand; just like a good recipe.  101 Cookbooks is "chic", ya I said "chic!"  It has a hip, high end element to it.   If Potterybarn were to do a cookbook (maybe they have) it would look and feel a lot like Heidi's blog.  (this is a compliment, Potterybarn does "Home" well).  101 Cookbooks is a refreshing, inviting, elegant site on cooking, recipes, and the wonderful lifestyle of food. 

If your into food, cooking, entertaining, or just want a good recipe to impress a date, 101 Cookbooks is a must.  If you could give a crap about an elegant meal, or the pleasantries of a well prepared supper, go anyway, because her site can teach you a thing or two on how to design a clean, elegant, sophisticated blog. 

Heidi has it going on, give her a little love and throw away your scale.  The food is just too good, so you might as well just stop trying. 


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What a great idea! I tend to do the same thing...I go out and buy a bunch of great cookbooks, but after trying one or two recipes I forget about it and go back to cooking the same old thing. I'll definitely bookmark Heidi's site and be more inspired in my kitchen. Thanks!


You weren't kidding! This is a great site. I am gonna try to bake those dough nuts they look so yummy!


I really enjoy your site and have added you to my favorite Blogroll. I came here because Antman gave you a shout out at my Blog Log. Really nice work and some enticing recipies.

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