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February 03, 2007

The National Pork Board wants newborns to stop breast feeding and EAT PORK!

That is the only conclusion I can come to.  Because these fools, sent a nasty, nasty letter to my girl Jennifer Laycock at The Lactivist threatening to sue her. Why?  Because, she was selling a T-Shirt with the saying "the other white milk".  Do ya remember the old school campaign "the other white meat"?   Well the National Pork Board seems to think this is a violation of their trademark.  I guess they think that pork is a strong alternative to breast milk. Damn boy, I have a 16 month old and to think my wife breast fed when we could have been feeding her a juicy pork chop every 3 hours.  Boy, do I feel like a bad parent!  There is a silver lining.  We are due in April.  My wife is already at Costco loadin up on some phat chops, a few loins and more.  We're not gonna neglect this kid, like we did our last.  Thank god for The National Pork Board! 

While my wife is stockin up on pork for our new one, I got a couple a things to say!  Number 1, the Pork Board screwed the pooch on this one.  Trying to protect their marketing, they hurt it. When are folks gonna learn?   Number 2  times have changed and playin whack-o-mole with the little guy is no longer effective.  The little guy has muscle now.  We "the ants" have megaphones.*  cre8Buzz is all about the little guy and nothing pisses us off more than folks who are still livin in the dark ages, trying to keep down the little guy. 

Use your megaphones all, send a message to the pork people and all the other old school folks who don't get it.  Stomp ya'll stomp! Let's shake the ground.  We gotcha ya back Jenny.  You go girl! 

Oh, yeah, One more thing did I tell you?  Jenny was donating all the money raised to charity!  Damn fools!

Visit the NPB and tell em what ya think.


The National Pork Board issued an apology to our girl Jenny. You can get the 411 here. If ya don't believe the "Ants have megaphones" now, I don't know what will get ya believin.  There is a shift in the balance of power and WE the citizen marketer, the blogashpere, the ANTS are wielding it and wielding it well.  Congrats Jenny and congrats my fellow Ants!  Ya'll stomped and the ground shook!

                                                                                              *From Chris Andersons: The Longtail


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Melissa R. Garrett

Oh this gets me all riled up!!I tried to visit her site the other day but kept getting an error message - thanks for including the link, I will have to try it one more try. My Bridget is 19 months tomorrow, and she still nurses. I know how it feels, now, to be on the receiving end of some negative vibes. True, I'm not being threatened by a lawsuit (which is just ridiculous!) but I get told A LOT that it's time to stop. Dag nabbit! Now why did those pork people have to go and ruin such a lovely relationship. See if I ever eat another pig again!

Doug Haughey


If you feed your kids pork they will grow up to be much bigger than you and squash you like a... well, I think you should stick to breast milk.


I Love you girls


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