February 16, 2007

Just plain good!

Yo, ya'll "shout out" time.  I love food, I am awfully skinny, so you wouldn't know it.  So a blog on food is a good thing.  But when you find a blog that is just plain GOOD, for all the right reasons and is about food, what a powerful combination.   

101 Cookbooks is just that combination.  Written by Heidi Swanson 101 Cookbooks has a very inviting element, like a good restaurant.  It is clean, just like a food preparation environment should be.  It is well laid out, things are easy to find; just like all great kitchens.  It is informative, she makes it easy to follow and easy to understand; just like a good recipe.  101 Cookbooks is "chic", ya I said "chic!"  It has a hip, high end element to it.   If Potterybarn were to do a cookbook (maybe they have) it would look and feel a lot like Heidi's blog.  (this is a compliment, Potterybarn does "Home" well).  101 Cookbooks is a refreshing, inviting, elegant site on cooking, recipes, and the wonderful lifestyle of food. 

If your into food, cooking, entertaining, or just want a good recipe to impress a date, 101 Cookbooks is a must.  If you could give a crap about an elegant meal, or the pleasantries of a well prepared supper, go anyway, because her site can teach you a thing or two on how to design a clean, elegant, sophisticated blog. 

Heidi has it going on, give her a little love and throw away your scale.  The food is just too good, so you might as well just stop trying. 

January 31, 2007

Health and Heart Update

A quick update on the Health and Heart Shout Out!  RubyRedShoes has not had a cigarette in 4 days.  She is struggling in the mornings , but she is doing well.  Go give her some love.  Our support to date has been hugely helpful.  Go on ya'll you are only a click and a comment away from makin a difference.

GO RUBYREDSHOES!!!!!!!  Just think, no more stinky breath,  ugh!  :)

Why women wear makeup.

I don't have a clue, if you thought I was gonna have answer for that one, you must really think I'm the shiznit!  What I do know is the ladies like to look pretty.  So this is a "Shout out" for the ladies, the divas and the honey's who are looking to be pampered and the people who pamper them.

Whadya say we make a day of it?  Here is your schedule,

6:00 - 8:30
Work out with Personal Trainer Toronto she will get your blood pumpin, and your butt in shape.   You also gotta check out her blog Loose the lumps  dedicated to getting rid of that nasty cellulite

9:00 -  10:00
Coffee with Caffeinated Marketer, he will give you the scoop on Java, Tea and anything else caffeinated.  He'll keep you on your toes, literally.

10:00 to 2:00
Time to shop to you drop with my girl Michele84.  Her blog on Cool Steals and Deals  has kickin bargins on everything under the sun.  Get a little bling, bling and don't forget the plastic. 

2:00 - 3:00
Time for a little make over with Girl Paint she'll get you looking FINE!!!   And while your there no better time to be talking gossip smack with my girl at Celebrity Gossip Blog too many juicy stories to be had.  "Have you seen Paris lately?  Oh my god?

3:00 - 5:00
End the day at the book store, getting a great read from David at 299  words each.  David writes fantastic novelettes that are no more than 299 words. 

Ladies, ya'll should be feeling good and feeling rejuvenated after your special day.  I still don't know why ya where make-up but you look damn good. 

I hope you enjoyed your day!

January 23, 2007

Health and Heart


  • There are 46 million smokers in this country!  Damn that is a lot of dirty mouths!
  • 85% of all lung cancer cases are smoker related
  • Odds are 50%, 1 in 2 that a smoker will die of something smoker related
  • Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of, listen closely to this, PREVENTABLE death!  The magic word here is PREVENTABLE, thus the capitalization. 

Man those little sticks are killers!  It makes ya wonder why people ever get started, but they do. 

I want all of those nasty stats to drop by one!  That's why I am giving a "Shout Out" to Ruby Red Shoes over at New Year's Resolutions Blog.  Ruby is a grandmother.  She became a grandmother "late" in life, as she puts it.  She has been smoking for years.  She is, unwillingly in love with the Marlboro Man.  He is a rugged guy, not my type, but I can see how some girls like him.  Ruby has tried to quit on at least three occasions.  The damn things have her by the uh, oops, I mean she is addicted to them.   

Ruby wants to spend more time with her granddaughter and therefore has made a resolution to quit and it appears she is dead set ( bad pun NOT intended) on making it this time.   Yeee Haaaaaa!  You go Ruby.  Now she  has  decided to share her journey with the  bloggasphere.  So for that  my girl is getting an Antman "Shout  Out"  I can't think of anything more important than someone being successful in quitting smoking.

They say there is power in numbers.  I want to put that to the test.  Let's see if we can get good ole Ruby a little Web 2.0 love.  I bet we can get 1200 people, (unique visitors for you web heads) to visit her and give our Ruby girl some support by the end of the 07.  That is 100 people a month.  That seems doable to me.  What do ya think? 

It don't cost no money, It ain't political or religious.  It ain't porn, although maybe it should be, then 1200 would be too low.  You're all dirty dogs.  Anyway, my point is it will make someone feel real good inside.   So go on, do it.  Tell RubyRedShoes that you are pullin for her and that she is gonna see plenty of that little rug rat of hers.  Here is to all ya'll Bloggin fools and thanks for helping RubyRedShoes . . . there is no place like home.  There is no place like home. 

Toto, Toto come back, Toto,  Anti M,  Anti M, Ok, Ok.  I'll stop.

I will keep ya'll updated on the progress to 1200.  Stay tuned.

See ya!

January 17, 2007

Blogging to Fame

The title fits her to a tee.   She is headed to fame, at least in the blogasphere.  Who?  My bad, that is Divya Uttam cre8er of Blogging to Fame.  What makes her blog so tight?  Her, Divya herself.  She has humility.  She is laid back and chillin.  Divya will tell you it's her first blog and it is not yet mature.  She will tell you it is in its adolescences stage.  This is where her humility shines through.  If it is in its adolescences then its the hottest chick in the 10th grade.  Divya is putting out some good stuff.  She is rapidly becoming one of the most popular communities on Mybloglog with over a 170 members.  Blogging to Fame, according to Divya came to her because she wanted to help people make their blogs "consumable, accessible and valuable to their readers".  She says her goal is to motivate her readers away from the mindset of just SEO (search enginge optimization) and to become world class bloggers as well. 

Her posts are good. From Link Fetcher to Link Magnet; 7 Truths to Increase your Blogs Social Likability; and Mybloglog and Quest for Building Community You will always walk a way with a nugget of info.  If you are a beginning blogger, they are a must. 

I keep finding myself asking the question over and over, why?   Why do I like Blogging to Fame so much?  With all of the SEO blogs out there, why hers?   The answer, Divya.  She is calm, cool and collected.  Her humility shines through and you can tell she genuinely wants to help you, not show you how cool she is or what she knows, but just help you. 

Divya your kickin, and I agree with the name of your blog.  You are definately Blogging to Fame.  It's not if but when, keep it up girl.  You have been "SHOUTED!!!!"

January 16, 2007

What is a Shout out?

Blog_post_2 What is a "Shout out"?  We have been asked this a few times.  So let me give you the 411.  The "Shout Out" is our way to give obsure, unknown, ideas, blogs, companies or what ever a little love.  We look for, find, and stumble upon cool stuff.  It doesn't matter what it is, who it is, or what the topic.  We are equal opportunity "shouters"  So it is simple, a "Shout out" is our way of participating in the word of mouth world. 

Why do we do it?  We love it!  It gets us excited to be able to tell all of you about someone or something we like.  It makes us feel good to know that we may, in some small way, play a role in the success of someone else.  Our goal is to make as many people as we can famous.  We think 15 minutes is too short.  Sorry Mr. Warhol, but times have changed, 15 minutes no longer applies.  Also, I have a megaphone and I intend to use it often.  "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"  Good, it works!

I also want to thank a few folks who have adopted our mission and are giving more life to the shout out. 
unfathomed_psyche at Shout out Loud
Casey at Cyber-Holidays

Don't be shy and help spread the love, if you know of something good we should be shoutin, even if it is you, let us know.  Peace out ya'll, thanks for the support and here is to the "Shout out" and makin people famous!

January 07, 2007

Green is great!

I'm not talking about the Benjamin's baby, although they are pretty good.   I'm talking about Al Gore green, save the planet, tree hugging, no CFC's green.  I'm talking about our planet green. 

With 2007 just kicking off, I thought I would give my first "shout outs" to those blogs and bloggers who are saving our planet.  Us ants, we aren't endangered but I've got some friends that are hurting a little so I figured I better do my part. 

Let's give it up for the greenies, they are some courageous folks who are carrying the load for a lot of us who need to catch up. 

A "shout out" to ya!

  1. Jessi Jane at Small Failures
  2. Jeff at Sustainablog
  3. Dani cooking it up in the "Zen Kitchen"
  4. Meagan and Senaca rolling in their V.W. at "Volksvegan" Adventure
  5. Reptile Matt, is playing the green Atlas, carrying the world on his green shoulders!

Props out to all of ya'll for your commitment.   

  BTW:  How sustainable is blogging and computer use.  Those blog servers have to take up a whole lotta  juice.


January 01, 2007

Getting off on the right foot.

Hey all, in the spirit of making things happen, my first "shout out" of 07 is for all of you that chose to get in shape as your 07 resolution.  So check it, Steven Cooper 's  Private Fitness Training in Your Home is a great blog on health and fitness.  Out of LA, don't hold that against him, Cooper is passionate about health and fitness.   His site has a little bit of everything; exercises, diet tips, motivation, and no nonsense information to help you reach your own personal goals. Cooper's got ya covered! 

No matter what your 07 goal, The Antman hopes you not only reach it but exceed it!  Here is to 07! 

December 29, 2006

Celebrating Diversity!

Hey all it is "shout out" time and I thought I would celebrate a little diversity, not cultural diversity . . . ha ha ha.  I bet some of you were ready for a controversial posting.   Not today my friend.  But, I am gonna give a few "shout outs" to some unique blogs and blogging DIVERSITY.  Blogging is blowin up, with blogs of all types, but it is not surprising that the geeks and business pundits make up a huge portion of the blogs.  So for this reason; I am giving some love and props to a few of the unique and different folks I have come across. 

1) Celebrity Gossip:

If you or your spouse buy People, US Magazine, Intouch or any other tabloid/celebrity/gossip mag then Celeb Gossips is for you.  Kaileena Suza's site will keep you up to date on what's happening in Hollywood, who is dating who, who lost 10 lbs, who gained 10 lbs and who is hot and who is not.  If your spouse is like mine, you could save 20 bucks a week on People and US Mag. justing having them visit Celeb Gossip.

2) Holidays

If everyday is a Holiday for you then Casey and Celebrating Holidays Everyday is a must feed.  Casey has a great, comforting writing style.  Her passion for holidays is clear and she is quite a little techie as well.  You can expect recipes, stories, decorating ideas and more when you give her a visit.   I can't wait to see her post on flag day!  Yup, there really is holiday called Flay day.

3) Weddings

This "shout out' goes to Anna for her Wedding blog.  I love this idea.  Weddings touch all emotions, people get gushy, pissed, sad, happy, angry.  Shoot, I have seen a video where a fight broke out.  You gotta love a topic like that.  Anna's blog has good ideas, video's and thoughts on weddings.  A great, honest, authentic, resource for anyone planning a wedding or has a passion for weddings. 

4) ?????????

I don't even know how to categorize this next one, but the idea has sucked me in.  100k Journey is on a financial quest to grow his net worth to 100k.  Here is the kicker.  He is currently 23k in the hole.  OUCH!!!  Neil chronicles  every aspect, every  component of his financial day, spending, savings, ups, downs ETC.  Neil is opening his financial Kimono during his quest to a 100k.  I can't tell if this is going to be a true heart warming story or a train wreck, but either way I'm watching. 

Here is to Diversity, enjoy all!!!

December 26, 2006

Two Views to View!!!!

Hey all, today is the day, my favorite day, Antman shoutout!   Today, so we can't be considered biased, or partisan, we are gonna give ya two "shout outs"  that's right two.  Call it a belated holiday gift.  Yes, I said holiday.  (remember we are about everyone at cre8buzz, I don't care what this country was FOUNDED on, it is extremely diverse today, and I am going to respect that.)  OK, drum roll please.  This week's shout out goes to . . . hey did I tell you?  We are going to do this twice a week now, because, I have too much fun with it and there are too many good blogs that deserve Buzz!  Alright, enough delay. 

My "shout out" goes to two political blogs, one liberal, one conservative.  It you are looking for contrasting opinions on the fate of our country, then either one of these blogs will fill your cup so have at em. 

Antman Political "Shout out!"

Liberal - A big fat slob, a witty writing style, there is nothing sloppy about my fat friend.  He goes after it, and doesn't mince words, but don't fret humor is weaved throughout.  But if nothing else, you gotta love his picture. 

Conservative - Jon Swift Mr Swift is clean, formal, and direct.  Mr. Swift's has an air of, oh let's say the opposite of the fat slob.   Mr. Swift is  Felix  Ungar to the slob as the slob is Oscar  Madison to Mr. Swift. 

Enjoy and remember we will be "Shoutin Out"  every Monday and Wednesday from here on in.  See around.